How our brains react so quickly to danger

If an object like a thrown ball or a car is heading towards us, we know that we can react and take effective avoidance strategies very quickly. How do the neurons in our brains manage to work so fast to determine the trajectory and decide what is the best avoidance strategy? It is clearly automatic and not done by our conscious brains.

A recent study, the conclusions of which are summarized [Read more...]

Republican debate summary

Richard Adams’s live blog is my source for entertaining summaries of the Republican debates, like the one held yesterday. He concludes at the end:

I have long since given up trying to predict what is going on in this Republican contest. That aside, this debate did no one any good, not the candidates and [Read more...]

How would Jesus vote?

In the US, beliefs about Christianity tend to have considerable weight for some people in how they decide on public policy issues. However, whether Christians see themselves as conservative or liberal, there is inevitably some discrepancy between their personal policy preferences and a plain reading of the Bible’s teaching on [Read more...]

Move over, Babe

Remember that delightful 1995 film Babe about a sheepherding pig?

That was fiction but via The Guardian‘s Grrlscientist, I obtained this video of what seems to be a real-life rabbit named Champis who has a knack for sheepherding.