It’s been a Yiannopoulos sort of day


That is, kind of like the dry heaves. I have enraged the Breitbartian trolls, and all day long, the Yiannopoulos lackeys have been yammering at my Twitter account, and all day long I’ve been tapping the block button. Although I have to admit that there was one tweet that brought me up short.

You are as outmatched by Yiannopoulos as you are Vox Day. Run away little man, while you still can.

Yes. That is very true, I agree completely. Nailed it.

The hopeless arrogance of Milo Yiannopoulos

There was a recent debate on British television between Milo Yiannopoulos and Emily Grossman on Sexism in Science. I have no idea why Yiannopoulos was even invited; he’s got no qualifications at all to be talking about this stuff. I guess he was the representative for sexism, while Grossman was there to represent science.

A very short summary:

Grossman: Hunt’s remarks were irresponsible in fields still afflicted with a serious gender imbalance, science is an environment in which we’re trying to dispel historical stereotypes that discourage women from entering, etc.

Yiannopoulos: Gender essentialism, biological determinism, men’s brains and women’s brains are different, there may be a scientific basis to why women don’t succeed as well in science. Blech, puke, argle-bargle.

Stop right there. The ‘debate’ should have come to a screeching stop the instant Yiannopoulos started babbling lies and nonsense, but I’m just amazed his eyeballs didn’t pop out of his face from all the irony pressure in his skull.

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If you have to ask the question, “Are we the baddies?”, you probably are

John Oliver makes a fine rant about the nastiness of internet trolls — it’s a little familiar to those of us who have been and are targets, but I’m happy to see more attention brought to the problem.

He failed to mention something, though: GamerGate. But that’s OK, because GamerGate immediately accepted the mantle of guilt.

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That poor wee man!

It’s bad enough that Tim Hunt has a baying mob of witches howling for his blood, now they’re unlimbering the heavy artillery: they are using satire. Exactly like a witch would do.

Frankly, I don’t even know how I managed to become a scientist. I can only name a handful of important women in science, and they are all dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. I remember wanting to become a scientist when I was young, but I knew this must be a mistake; as a woman, I was better suited to a career in something more traditionally feminine, like becoming a prostitute or dying in childbirth. I likely only made it to my current position in a well-established lab by using reverse sexism, which is rampant in science.

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Bad dad


Oh, it’s Father’s Day? I’m sorry, my father is dead, and I’m going to spend most of the day traveling, so my own kids aren’t going to be able to contact me. Clearly, I am a terrible father.

Don’t tell anyone.

That moment of triumph was a little premature

Dylann Roof credited the Council of Conservative Citizens for educating him about the dangers of the Black Race, and Charles Johnson reported that the Council of Conservative Citizens Is Running Scared, and that their websites had all been shut down. I wish. I’m sorry to report that it must have been a temporary glitch, because I can read their horrible racist site just fine.

But I do think it’s good to expose them to the light. The SPLC’s report on the CCC is damning — they are awful people.

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