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May 19 2014

Why did the old masters waste their time painting fatties?

Don’t worry, though, photoshop can “rescue” famous paintings, and make the women in them look…eww. Wait a minute, maybe those old guys knew what they were doing.

May 13 2014

What blessed drivel is this?


Every once in a while, an obscure science journal somewhere just has to demolish their reputation by allowing their editors to publish garbage. Case in point: The Journal of Maternal-Fetal & Neonatal Medicine, the official journal of the European Association of Perinatal Medicine, has published an editorial titled, “Can modern biology interpret the mystery of …

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May 09 2014

Beware the wrath of Canadians


May 07 2014

Who wants robot bees?

This short film is intended to “raise awareness of the growing disappearance of honey bees”, a worthy goal, but all I could think while watching it is “ROBOT BEES ARE AWESOME!” I doubt that is the response they want. Besides, we’re nowhere near making tiny robots as elegant as real bees. GREENPEACE – NEW BEES …

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May 07 2014

The creepiest thing I’ve read today

Perhaps you are a sociopath with no social skills whatsoever, but you have decided that you love some other person, and unfortunately, that other person is marrying someone else. They must be mistaken, you think. They’ve made this big public commitment to a different person than you, but you just know that you are the …

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May 03 2014

You will cheer up. Now. By my order.

(Unless you’re clinically depressed, in which case being told to cheer up will not help at all, and even videos of hamsters eating tiny burritos won’t be enough.)

May 02 2014

Is it pronounced “Testi-clees”?

All that naked Greek statuary, with all their naughty bits hanging out…someone had to document ancient Greek testicles, and that person was Ingrid Berthon Moine. Hey! Hey you! My eyes are way up here! I’ll have you know I’m much more than just a pretty ball sack…although the boys are spectacular, if I do say …

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May 02 2014

James Arjuna, International Spa Design Engineer!

When we bought our house, it came with a disconnected, nonfunctional hot tub. It’s still here, sitting unused in our back yard, because having a mere Ph.D. in biology means that I don’t know how to fix it, and also, I don’t get paid enough to afford to have it fixed by a competent hot …

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May 01 2014

A First of May tradition for millennia

But not in Minnesota. Are you kidding? It’s cold out there. (NSFW song. Fertility rites turn out to be something some people find objectionable.)

Apr 28 2014


Here’s an interesting approach to educating the public about health and sanitation — make a song about it. Daily 620 million Indians are defecating in the open. That’s half the population dumping over 65 million kilos of poo out there every day. If this poo continues to be let loose on us, there will be …

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