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May 20 2013

That’s a fine looking Horde we’ve got there


A small fraction of the Horde gathered at Women in Secularism 2, and they dismounted long enough to stand for a portrait. Mount up again, we’ve got a world to conquer!

May 19 2013


Amongst the debris left over from last night’s late ruckus in my hotel room, I find in my possession many empty wine and beer bottles, a quarter of a fifth of vodka, one set of mysterious keys and a Shelley Segal CD. Look for me at the conference and I’ll return them to you. Except …

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Apr 24 2013

Update from Iain Banks

He’s still dying of cancer, but it’s good to see a godless heathen like him still finding happiness in his life. Discovering the sheer extent and depth of the feelings people have expressed on the message board over the past two weeks has been truly astounding. I feel treasured, I feel loved, I feel I’ve …

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Apr 20 2013

Hey! Hangout?

If I impulsively set up a Google+ hangout at 8pm my time (in about an hour), would anyone join it? I might try it anyway, just because. To talk about whatever. Absolutely nothing of any significance was said. We just had a pleasant evening of social chit-chat.

Apr 16 2013

What was it like to be in the Boston Marathon yesterday?

Dave Munger ran the race. His perspective might be unexpected.

Apr 04 2013

Goddamn cancer

Just days after announcing a slowdown to deal with his cancer, Roger Ebert dies. Of cancer.

Apr 01 2013

No fools here

I am officially declaring this an April Fools-Free Zone. No foolin’. My grumpiness might contribute to that, too. I ended up with an utterly miserable redeye flight from Seattle to Minneapolis — I landed at 5am. I’m still traveling to get home (I’m on a stimulant break right this instant), and as soon as I …

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Mar 31 2013

We’ve got a ways to go

I hear that the big American Atheists conference in Austin had an attendance of about 900, which is a good number, and of course, let’s not judge the quality of an event by the number of attendees. By all accounts, it was an excellent conference (I keep seeing these gushing comments on twitter about AC …

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Mar 29 2013

Reddit: working hard to bury their reputation ever deeper in the slime


A new tasteless meme is spreading across Reddit: good girl college liberal. As usual, I think you can guess what makes someone a “good” girl: it’s the willingness to do anything the guy with a copy of photoshop wants her to do. And what makes her a “college liberal”? She’s topless. I’ve never known that …

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Mar 23 2013

Blathering FtBers

We’re doing an impromptu hangout this afternoon. Point and laugh!

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