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    Yes, these are terrifying — once you realize what’s going on, or someone tells you you’ve stopped making sense. Several years ago I got an ambulance ride instead of finishing class, with a quick MRI and a TIA diagnosis. In my case, it was extremely transient, since I was conversing lucidly with medical staff that afternoon, and I was back on the job the next day (to the surprise of a lot of people). The sudden lockdown in 2020 that pushed us all unceremoniously online also pushed me back in the hospital with a recurrence. Damn. But home again the next day. For obvious reasons, Job One is keeping my blood pressure under control. I think I want to think about happier things now. Syllabi for fall, maybe.

  2. birgerjohansson says

    I am glad that he apparently got away without permanent harm to the brain.
    Just in
    “Human brain and neurons turn out to be even more complex than we thought ” -Anton Petrov has a knack for digging up news items that I find fascinating.

  3. Tethys says

    What does fight club have to do with TIA’s? The only thing that connects them is traumatic brain injuries, AFAICT.

  4. lochaber says


    May be completely wrong, but Marcus Ranum sometimes makes soap in various unusual and interesting molds/shapes, and I think he may have done a “fight club” bar of soap?
    I may also just be rather confused…

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    Yeah, the “fight club” soap and photo was one of mine. Looks like PZ grabbed it for illustration. That is my actual hand in my actual sink.

    I did another which was “book club” that I liked better. Dunno if I can find a picture of it…