I’m not even interested in seeing the damned movie

North Korea blusters, and apparently hacks into Sony Corp. and extorts them into holding up a dumb movie that blasphemes the sacred Kim Jon Un. Guess who the conservatives are blaming for, I don’t know, America’s cowardice, or craven Jewish Hollywood, or something — anything but a badly run capitalist institution? Liberals. It’s all about the standard trope, that liberals are the ones caving before the Commie threat.

Roy Edroso responds to that nonsense.

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Torture is bad science

Martin Robbins writes about how the US got suckered into playing torturer to the world. One reason is that we live in a culture that seems to celebrate torture: there sure are a lot of people wearing representations of an ancient torture device, where audiences will happily sit for hours watching torture porn in the guise of a religious movie, and where TV pretends that torture works every time as a way of getting results.

But here’s the thing: torture doesn’t work. Reason and evidence together ought to tell you that.

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Let’s point and laugh at the libertarian!

They really are the dumbest people in America, and most obnoxious, too. Here’s an example: police in Texas set up a DUI checkpoint, where cars were stopped and drivers quickly checked to make sure they weren’t driving with a blood alcohol over the legal limit. That’s a nuisance, I’m sure, but a minor inconvenience compared to sharing the road with drunk drivers.

Kory Watkins, a Texas libertarian and open carry proponent (so you already know he’s an idiot) objected to the police doing this job, so he was protesting at the check point, and apparently also somehow warning drivers approaching the check point so any drunkards could avoid it (a truly civic-minded fellow), when irony struck.

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Megan Fox is being sued

The obnoxious creationist is not being sued for being a world-class ignoramus, however — that’s perfectly legal. She’s being sued for interfering with the education of children.

She’s been on a bender of offense because her local library provides open internet access to the public, and apparently she once saw someone viewing porn on a library computer. Most normal people would point this out to a librarian, who would politely ask the person to move on, but no, not Megan Fox! She is outraged! So she’s been harrassing the library staff.

She’s upset that the library provides unfiltered access to the internet (sounds like a good library to me). The legal documents (pdf) list a great many of Fox’s offenses against truth: she has posted photos of the librarian’s home (creepy!), has falsely accused her of drunkenness at work and of making anti-gay slurs, and has disrupted library board meetings. But the real nuisance is how she’s been abusing the law to torment librarians.

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