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Jan 26 2014

Nice example of the fallacy of the excluded middle

The Huffington Post has published A Conversation Between Two Atheists From Muslim Backgrounds. It would be more interesting if it weren’t full of logical fallacies — in places, it’s more of an exercise in beating up liberal straw-people. I think 21st century westerners generally don’t appreciate what they take for granted, because somebody else fought …

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Jan 25 2014

The government is asking outsiders to explain to them what they are doing

We are so screwed. Congress had to ask Bruce Schneier to come by and explain what the NSA is doing, because the NSA won’t tell Congress. This morning, I spent an hour in a closed room with six members of Congress: Rep. Lofgren, Rep. Sensenbrenner, Rep. Scott, Rep. Goodlatte, Rep Thompson, and Rep. Amash. No …

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Jan 24 2014

It’s not a good time to be a Republican

Not that it ever is, but now…it’s the corruption. Christie, McDonnell, and — you knew this would happen eventually to one of the dumber conservatives — Dinesh D’Souza has been indicted for violations of campaign ethics. My big worry now with the Republicans in such disarray is that there won’t be much competition in coming …

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Jan 21 2014

Yosemite Sam will have to move to the East coast

There has been another school shooting, this time at Purdue. One person is dead, and the shooter has been arrested. Meanwhile, in Florida, a pair of Republicans have proposed rewriting their “stand your ground” law…to expand it. The current bill would amend the state’s expansive Stand Your Ground law—which permits residents to use deadly force …

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Jan 18 2014

Calling a bluff

Watch this woman take on a politician who wants to allow freedom to hate in their community — she calls his bluff. Most astonishingly, he backed down and withdrew his proposal.

Jan 17 2014

Reason opposed by unreason

Unreason being represented by its champion, religion…as always. The rational politicians in Idaho are trying to end the practice of faith healing on children; the irrationally religious politicians are trying to stop them. A Republican lawmaker in Idaho is trying to stop a law aimed at preventing the deaths of children whose parents eschew medical …

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Jan 15 2014


Karen Hughes, former advisor to GW Bush, and someone I never liked, has some advice for her Republican colleagues. "And if another Republican man says anything about rape other than it is a horrific, violent crime, I want to personally cut out his tongue," she wrote. "The college-age daughters of many of my friends voted …

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Jan 15 2014

Losing sight of all the bad

A while back, everyone — Democrats included — were saying that Chris Christie seemed to be a moderate Republican. The Tea Party hated him, and liberals were saying he wasn’t so bad. He reminds me a lot of this current pope, getting a free ride because of superficialities while everyone overlooks the actual details of …

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Jan 14 2014

Where a rational conversation about guns ought to start

The newspaper of record reflected the disease last night. They had an article about the man killed over texting during the previews at a movie that included this ridiculous paragraph. The killing underscored the increased debate about when to use smartphones in public. In October, the singer Madonna was spotted texting during the Lincoln Center …

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Jan 10 2014

They really are just putting up obnoxious roadblocks

The right has been obsessed with putting up pointless obstacles to getting an abortion: waiting periods, ultrasounds, vaginal ultrasounds, etc. Their entire purpose is to punish and increase the suffering and anxiety of women trying to get a legal and necessary procedure done, because they sure as heck have nothing to do with actually dissuading …

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