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May 03 2014

Call for an end to the National Day of Prayer

It’s supposed to be a non-sectarian, non-partisan, feel-good sort of event, but it’s promoted entirely by the Christian Religious Right, and this year they turned it into a full-blown political rally for the Republicans. During an event organized by the National Day of Prayer Task Force (a non-profit run by conservative evangelical Christians) and attended …

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May 03 2014

South Dakotans are obsessed with anal sex

I always suspected as much — they’re a bit strange over there, 40 miles to my west. Steve Hickey, one of those state legislators in Sioux Falls (and a Republican, of course) was compelled to write a long screed ranting about the public health dangers of gay sex by this event: Hickey told TPM on …

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May 01 2014

The Heartland Institute quote-mines George Carlin

Mike the Mad Biologist traces a ‘quote’ from George Carlin that the Heartland Institute has been publicizing. It’s comparable to the worst that creationists do — it takes a Carlinesque rant against “big wealthy business interests that control things” and turns it into a Libertarian complaint about big government by changing a few words and …

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Apr 28 2014

We almost elected this mad woman to high office?

Sarah Palin is so stupid, it’s terrifying. Here she is preaching to her fellow lunatics about how liberals are soft on terrorists and are out to help our enemies, when we’re supposed to put the “fear of god” in them. Waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists. I think I’m going to be sick. This is …

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Apr 28 2014

We have some screwed up priorities here

Chris Sullins

You might also take a look at the whole defense budget, which will reach almost $500 billion, and which is characterized as… …a sound path to responsibly meet the risks and challenges of the current national security environment. It actually is a reduction in military spending from last year ($526 billion), but it’s still obscenely …

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Apr 26 2014

The prophet who couldn’t shoot straight

Read about the real goings-on at the Bundy Ranch. Racism is just one of the lunacies on parade. GOOGLE DOCTORS THAT REMOVE MICROCHIPS. The summary: Welfare negroes, the United Nations, sexually devious lawyers, satan, a Chinese solar farm, microchips, secret-agent NPS, a Muslim-Kenyan president, hippies, illegals. Take your pick. Also revealing, and very Mormon: Bundy …

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Apr 25 2014

Poisoning the well with ugly

This is the time in the political cycle when we should be examining potential contenders and shaping the field we’ll have to vote for (or against) someday. Every time, we find ourselves in this position of general apathy until we arrive at the election…and suddenly it sinks in that the Republican is a shameless cretin …

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Apr 21 2014

Also, dead people don’t roll in their graves…but point taken

Even if Britain was a Christian country (it isn't); even if "Christian values" were meaningfully distinct from the moral values of humans worldwide (they're not); even if promoting religious doctrine improve moral behaviour in modern society (it doesn't); even if all these were the case, the fact that this rhetoric is being spouted by Mr Cameron would surely make the socialist, leper-lover iconoclast, Jesus Christ, roll in his grave (had he not so famously vacated it).

After that silly poll claiming Britain was a “Christian country”, after many public figures disagreed, I rather like Tim Minchin’s response, given to the British Humanists: It gives way too much credit to a first century religious fanatic (if he existed at all), but I get the point.

Apr 17 2014

More perks of the tenure track

Now Todd Starnes has republished his hit piece on Town Hall — he seems to be dumping it on lower and lower levels of the self-devouring far right internet. Although, I do have to say that the comments are becoming even more entertaining. Yes, there are conservative students at Morris. And Myers thinks he should …

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Apr 16 2014

As promised, Fox News is whining about me

I told you some guy called me for an interview about the horrible crime committed on the UMM campus: the presumed ‘theft’ of some free newspapers from a conservative organization. They say I now advocate censorship of conservative student newspaper, which is a fine twist on the affair. Their description of the newspaper was particularly …

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