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Jan 24 2014

Texas Judge Rules: Pull The Plug

The mother died back in November, remember? She’d made clear her wishes (as all of us ought) But, sadly, this happened in Texas, the nexus Of Christian intrusion in government thought Her will was denied, for a baby that maybe Would live for an hour, with help from machines; The state says “we’ve got to …

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Jan 17 2014

Pennsylvania Voter ID Law Struck Down

A judge in Pennsylvania Did his utmost to explain: “Ya Gotta let the people vote—and make it easy!” He said “Voting’s fundamental!” And the message that he sent’ll Go a ways to fix a process that’s, well, sleazy. Court Judge Bernard L. McGinley Found the state’s case spread too thinly And the “voter fraud” more …

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Jan 15 2014

“Hostility Toward Religion”, or “Religious Hostilities”?

Let us celebrate the power Of the simple preposition Making bullies into martyrs with a word When the truth is somewhat sour Simply make a small edition Though the putative conclusion is absurd When “religion” and “hostility” The Pew researchers mixed, It’s religion on religion causing harm To the best of their ability The Post …

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Jan 14 2014

Spreading God’s Wrath–er, I mean Love, Globally

In America, the culture wars Are given up for dead; We can’t kill gays here (legally)— Let’s kill them there instead The bible belt is loosening— Think bigotry? Think twice! But hey, the world’s a big, big place… Uganda sure looks nice. Ugandan evangelicals; American support— A match that’s made in heaven, or At least …

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Jan 09 2014

Chris Christy–Model Politician

My eyes are getting misty As I listen to Chris Christie While he shows us his sophisti- Cated grasp of how things are So he canned some staffer lady Cos she acted really shady Which I heard on local radi- O, while sitting in my car I’ve been stuck here since September (When my rage …

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Jan 06 2014

Supremes Halt Same-Sex Marriage In Utah, While Under Appeal

Though we thought that an era had passed It was, maybe, too perfect to last Hundreds thought they were wed Now the court says, instead, “Equal treatment? Hang on, not so fast!” It took a while–long enough for hundreds of same sex couples to have already wed–but the highly-expected appeal finally came through, and same …

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Jan 03 2014

Texas (of course) Mayor Declares 2014 “Year Of The Bible)

The Christian mayor of Flower Mound Created a sensation— He searched his soul, and thus felt bound To make a proclamation: This year, he said, would be the year The town would find its way Because they’ll read (he made it clear) The bible every day Each day, he posts a bible verse; They study, …

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Dec 23 2013

Another One To Bookmark

It matters not how you re-word it; they’ve heard it, Your argument stinks—that’s a matter of fact. The judge gave to you, in this ruling, a schooling A thorough rebuking, though written with tact. You claimed it amounts to miscarriage of marriage To change what such unions have meant all along; The judge found your …

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Dec 15 2013

What Would Peter Do? Denying Jesus For Political Gain

I hear the baby Jesus cried To hear His name so oft denied— The cross (for which we all give thanks) Is merely “intersecting planks”; The sacred scene, nativity? “A plastic Jewish family” That baby, in the manger’s hay? Without a nametag, who could say? La Jolla’s cross, so bright and tall? It’s not religious—not …

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Dec 12 2013

Breaking News: Mt. Soledad Cross Must Come Down! (…eventually, perhaps)

Today’s report from San Diego (oh, and read to the end of page 2–there’s a poll!): A San Diego federal judge made a reluctant ruling Thursday that the cross atop Mount Soledad is unconstitutional, although the chances of the La Jolla monument coming down anytime soon are unlikely. The latest ruling by U.S. District Judge …

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