Trump Reveals Secrets To Russians

So the president’s a traitor—
Well, except the law is bent
What he did would be illegal
If he weren’t the president
He gave secrets to the Russians
If the stories all are true
But, in telling, he declassified,
Which no one else could do
It is far beyond astonishing
And might well drop your jaw
But if anyone gets hurt, at least
He did not break the law
It was bad, and wrong, and stupid,
It was harmful, most agree—
But because he is the president
It’s legal, don’t you see?

The Republicans could stop him—
And they should, for goodness’ sake—
And if this is not sufficient, tell me…
What, then, would it take?

As noted in my last post, an hour or so ago, news moves fast these days. Every News Agency On Earth (except, of course, Breitbart, and maybe Fox, I didn’t check) have moved on from silly stupid class wars about avocado toast, and have pivoted to the sharing of highly classified information to the Russians. By the actual President.

How far has the window been shifted? What will it take for Congress to decide Trump is unfit? I was just saying to Cuttlespouse, we are witnessing a Milgram experiment where experimenter Trump is telling teacher Congress to keep hitting learner All Of Us with 450 volts, and since they have justified everything else they have done for him, it does not look good for us.

Keep writing, keep calling, keep emailing your representatives.


  1. poolboy says

    You seem convinced. What was the evidence that convinced you that anything secret or classified was given, let alone illegally, or that Russian goverment workers are enemies?

    Because all I’m seeing is another false story just to keep this insane war mongering campaign going. If you want to “get” Trump, using patently false warmongering russophobia whose only goal is to perpetuate wars and weapons is not the f-ing way to do it.

  2. Cuttlefish says

    I seem convinced? You are commenting on a low-traffic blog written in verse, for the first time, from an out-of-country location (whether routed through there or not, I do not care). You seem pretty damned nervous.

    This is my house, not yours. You come here, you can give your evidence; it’s easy to make claims. You have one shot. I’ll give you a do-over for your first comment.

  3. chigau (違う) says

    #3 was the most terrifying post I have ever seen from Cuttlefish.
    Take Heed

  4. StevoR says

    POTUS brags to Russian spies
    See what what I’ve seen with my little eyes!
    Shake my tiny hands, tap my tiny feet, wag my tiny – never mind I’ll beat..
    This briefing you’ll pay attention to, it caught my eye like you told me too.
    You can use this like I can’t
    but tell me what to do and cant*
    I can but boast as POTUS stew
    Just don’t tell anyone else or I’m through!

    * In the sense of rhetoric and spinning lines not with the apostrophe and contraction of “can not” and yeah, sorry I’ll take the hit in credibility points knowing Trump wouldn’t know or use this word for the sake of approximating rhyme.

  5. Die Anyway says

    Reading old posts is kind of like having a time machine. Just you wait dear Cuttlefish… in a couple of weeks this incident will be trivial and forgotten. There is better (worse?) stuff yet to come.

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