New Hampshire’s College Student Problem(s)

We have to stop students from voting!
Let’s revisit the domicile laws!
If they only live here maybe 4 or 5 years
Then they shouldn’t be voting… because!
With their heads full of liberal nonsense
From the radicals running our schools
Then as day follows night, they should give up the right
To engage–so we’re changing the rules!

We have to keep students from leaving!
We must keep the good brains in the state!
We teach ’em up smart, but then, boom! They depart,
At a vast, unacceptable rate!
With their heads full of valuable knowledge
(Which we gave them!) away they all fly…
It seems so ungrateful–it borders on hateful!
They’re leaving, and no one knows why!

As you may know, Trump brought up the pre-debunked claims of buses full of out-of-state voters flooding the New Hampshire polling places this past November. His narrow loss, and Kelly Ayotte’s even narrower loss, were not challenged, though, because poll-watchers in NH are proud of their fair elections, and ready, willing and able to defend against charges of sloppy security. There. Was. No. Fraud. In. This. Election. (well, negligible, and not at the level of polling places. There was fraud in commercials, and in previous elections there has been fraud in phone banks and other places.) Trump is, as usual, talking out of his butt.


That did not stop NH GOP weasels from introducing some 40 bills aimed at tightening up voting regulations, in the name of weeding out the unfavorables tightening security. College and University students are a popular target; same-day registration and proof of local residence are issues that disproportionately influence student voting. And by damn, [the GOP in] NH does not want students voting! They are not locals; they are just going to leave in 4 years! (Mind you, the construction worker on a 1 or 2 year gig is the salt of the earth, glad to have that vote!)

Unrelatedly, NH is experiencing a “brain drain”; people are leaving, either to go to college elsewhere, or to take their NH degree and get the hell out of Dodge. It’s like they don’t feel wanted in NH, or something.

Can’t imagine why.


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