The Wealthy Need Their Tax Cuts

There’s a kid with diabetes
(That’s a pre-existing claim)
And we’re gonna cut his health care
Which is just a crying shame

There’s a mom with stage 4 cancer—
It’s migrated to her brain—
There is hope, but it’s expensive…
Do I really need explain?

When I hear about their problems
It just makes me want to cry
But the wealthy need their tax cuts
So some people gotta die.

There’s a grandma with dementia
It’s a terrible ordeal
But it’s chronic, and expensive,
And it’s never going to heal

There’s a babe born prematurely
And it’s gonna cost a ton
So she’ll pass her lifetime limit
Long before the girl turns one

We can multiply by millions—
Oh, the people we’ll deny!
But the wealthy need their tax cuts
So some people gotta die

The Republicans in Congress
Chose to celebrate with beers
Drowning out the shouts of protest
With their “Yay! We did it!” cheers

It’s a new day in America!
We finally passed a bill!
So we’re drinking to the memory
Of the people it will kill!

We’re not helping those who need it—
Hell, we didn’t even try!
See, the wealthy need their tax cuts
So some people gotta die.


  1. AndrewD says

    What the wealthy really need is a strong dose of The Terror and a visit to Madame Guillotine.

  2. StevoR says

    @ ^ AndrewD : I think what they really need is to wake up and have a little humanity and compassion and understanding of how others live and how they suffer and to have a changed for the vastly better system where we don’t get such extreme gaps between rich and poor. Not sure that I believe in violent revolution and bloodthirsty vengence – atleats not inthesense of advocating for it yet.

    The French (& Russian) revolutions didn’t exactly end up working out as planned remember – but I do see and feel the frustration and anger that makes violence tempting and ultimately perhaps inevitable if things keep trending the way they are.

    What we need is more the sorts of things Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela did in my view.


    Great poem & great to have you back Cuttlefish! ;-)

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