NC GOP Rep Takes Bold Stand Against Adorable Fuzzy Baby Ducklings

Mark Walker, of North Carolina
Is a Rep who gives very few fucks.
He doesn’t like government spending
Or maybe he doesn’t like ducks.

Like the POTUS, he blathers on Twitter
With a similar lack of good taste:
“If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck,
It must be government waste.”

A duck ramp (apparently at the reflecting pool in DC), which A) serves a purpose, and B) costs a tiny fraction of what we are spending to keep the Trump family in separate residences for any given day, is rep. Mark Walker’s poster child for government waste.


  1. says

    The GOP lacks all perspective
    And can’t tell a small cost from large
    So if it’s between them or ducklings
    I’d rather have quackers in charge.

  2. oualawouzou says

    (tangentially related, but it’s what comes to mind when I read about “government waste” in the US) Still can’t wrap my head around the fact that, apparently, any politician suggesting to redirect 1% of the “defense” budget into social programs would be committing political suicide in this weird, weird country.

  3. chigau (違う) says

    That ramp cost about $1.99 to fabricate
    Only 50% of the ducklngs used it.

  4. coragyps says

    Hell! Ping the Duck had a ramp to get on the Wise-Eyed Boat! And that was in China!
    Real American Ducks deserve at least that much!

  5. StevoR says

    Hello Duckies
    Did you know
    Republicans think you have to go?
    By which I mean; you have to die.
    Yeah WTF! What a not-so-sweet guy.

    Little ducklings, sink or swim.
    Drown we’d rather hope for you things.
    Course Repubs are people remember that,
    When it comes to them “chewing that fat.”
    Trump supporters, snowflakes all,
    Can’t take the heat but dish it all!
    Wasted well you’d have to be
    To vote for Repub scum like me.

    PS. Bloody annoying ad here is getting really intrusive and in the way for some reason. Moving right into the comment box and blocking vision for reviewing and seeing what I’m typing. Anyone else have this issue here or even better any fixes for it? :-(

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