217 to 213, along party lines

They’re tearing up the safety net
Like some bizarre sort of mission.
See, the G.O.P. are heartless…
It’s a pre-existing condition.



on an entirely unrelated note, a recent comment (thank you!) asked if I was ok. I am. It is the busy season; if I am rhyming at this time of year, it is usually very bad news, because it means I am avoiding the busy season. I have, just earlier today, caught up. My next batch of papers shows up Monday, so I will soon be inundated again.


  1. Pierce R. Butler says

    The GOP are heartless; the Democrats spineless, gutless, ballless; both are losing brain tissue at an accelerating rate.

    If some evil surgeon combined the two (what is Karl Rove up to these days?), you still wouldn’t have a complete person, or even an adequate simulacrum.

    Frankenstein wept.

  2. Pierce R. Butler says

    Cuttlefish @ # 2: How many Dems voted for this, again?

    How much were they offered?

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