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Aug 28 2013

Headline Muse, 8/28

It’s a fight, one by one, through the states As we find out the stuff that each hates But the latest is best For Dave Silverman’s quest: They’ve allowed him his ATHE1ST plates Headline: Atheist Allowed To Show His Godlessness On License Plate After New Jersey DMV Reverses . . Ophelia has more.

Aug 27 2013

Headline Muse, 8/27

While for some, it seems almost a game And for others, a new way to shame It can give you the blues As you look through the News And discover just “what’s in a name?” Headline: Who is still calling Chelsea Manning ‘he?’ Some news organizations—including The New York Times and the Associated Press—that were …

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Oct 08 2012

Headline Muse, 10/8

There are microbes in water that spoil it You can’t drink till you treat it or boil it But the still greater cost Is in lives that are lost So it’s worth re-designing the toilet Headline: Hi-tech toilets save lives–and mean big business In 2011, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation launched the Reinvent the …

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Sep 27 2012

Headline Muse, 9/27

It’s a robot—not woman, nor man And it’s doing the best that it can Like its pictures, that showed Where the water once flowed, Making up an alluvial fan Headline: Streams Of Water Once Flowed On Mars: NASA Says Photos Prove It NASA’s Curiosity rover has found definitive proof that water once ran across the …

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Sep 23 2012

Headline Muse, 9/23

It was not a great week. Or, it was. We’re succeeding—creating a buzz! Inconsistent? You bet! But that’s all that you’ll get: It’s Reince Priebus; that’s what the man does Headlines (a twofer!): Priebus on Romney: ‘Not the best week’ and Priebus: ‘In Retrospect,’ Last Week ‘Good Week’ for Romney Campaign That last one, yes, …

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Sep 01 2012

Headline Muse, 9/1

Though the fact-check was not in his plan Ryan bragged about how fast he ran Not a real big surprise Just one more of his lies: It’s Paul Ryan, the marathon man Headline: Fact Check: Paul Ryan Exaggerates Marathon Claim What’s really funny is how passionate runners are about this. Across sources, from runners’ websites …

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Aug 30 2012

Headline Muse, 8/30

If your vaunted opponent’s not there But you still want your viewers to care You can still make my day When things don’t go your way By debating—in public—a chair Headline… ok, not a headline, the actual speech by Clint Eastwood. In case you’re just Mitt outta luck.

Aug 29 2012

Headline Muse, 8/29

Never mind that real people are hurt Here’s a chance to have fun slinging dirt So let’s cheer for our school Though the message is cruel With a brand-new Ohio State shirt! Headline: Ohio State mocks Sandusky scandal with tasteless T-shirt the popular women’s interests blog Jezebel has unearthed a photo of a red-and-white T-shirt …

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Aug 28 2012

Headline Muse, 8/28

When the Maine-iacs faced relegation They reacted with well-earned frustration Though their shouts were in vain All could hear the refrain Of “Remember the Maine… delegation” Headline: Angry Maine Delegates Cause Ruckus During GOP Convention As the formal nomination of Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney got underway, a very, very vocal minority of Ron Paul …

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Aug 27 2012

Headline Muse, 8/27

He’s a former Republican page With a problem concealing his rage It’s a terrorist plot— He myopically thought There’d be others whom he might engage Headline: Revealed: Militia leader soldier who ‘killed comrade because he left anarchist group’ was page at 2008 Republican convention Ok, this is horrible. As much as I expected this years …

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