Headline Muse, 8/27

While for some, it seems almost a game
And for others, a new way to shame
It can give you the blues
As you look through the News
And discover just “what’s in a name?”

Headline: Who is still calling Chelsea Manning ‘he?’

Some news organizations—including The New York Times and the Associated Press—that were initially reluctant to accommodate Manning’s request or were weighing their options, are now using the female pronoun. Meanwhile, conservative media outlets have predictably been resistant not only to using the name and pronoun preferred by Manning, but to the entire concept of transgender identity.
Below, a rundown of how news organizations are handling the issue: (Who have we missed? Let us know in the comments.)

Y’know what? Don’t even look at the comments. Just don’t.

Oh, and if you have not yet read this, please do.

(unrelated note: Classes have started again, so priorities must change. Writing verses isn’t what’s time-consuming; rather, finding things to write about is what takes time. And it’s more important for me to read my students’ stuff right now than a dozen news sources. So I’ll be less of a predator and more of a filter-feeder for a bit, at least until I find out how much work my new prep is. Or longer, of course.

Feel free to send ideas; some of you already do, and I try to do my best to answer the Cuttlesignal.)


  1. Al Dente says

    And it’s more important for me to read my students’ stuff right now than a dozen news sources.

    Sure, leave us unpoemed* at.

    *I have coined a word. I’m so proud of myself. Finally, after all these years, I’ve done something significant. I must tell my mother.

  2. Randomfactor says

    From curiosity, CF…did you ever recover that verse from the floppy disks (“Her Eyes Were Blue”)?

  3. Cuttlefish says

    Just bits and pieces, Rf–probably over half of it, I’d say, but no telling if what I remember is what I had worked out originally (I have gone back to other verses and found that the thing I have memorized is quite different from the thing I actually wrote).

    Maybe I should make a concerted effort, finish it, and include it as an easter egg in the next book.

  4. sydmidnight says

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