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Jan 14 2012

The Power Of Burgers

This week, David Letterman welcomed New York City’s new Steak ‘n Shake; quite possibly, the one person most thrilled by this is a man who can no longer eat. (after the jump:)

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Jan 10 2012

Am I Published In India?

Ok, I need some information. Do I have any readers in India? My stats say no, but a couple of recent search terms and an email have got me thinking. More after the jump:

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Dec 31 2011

2011 Psychic Prediction Scorecard

It is traditional, at the end of the year, to revisit the predictions made at the beginning of that year. I did my best, last January, to view the future, but it didn’t turn out quite as expected:

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Dec 31 2011

For Greta (Happy Birthday!)

Now that I get to rub virtual elbows with her on a daily basis, it was nice to take a look back a few years to the time when a newbie cephalopod blogger was noticed by one of the movers and shakers. So now, on the occasion of half a century of moving and shaking …

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Dec 31 2011

Undecided? Still?

Slate.com has a story analyzing 12 kinds of undecided voters. They miss one motivation, though… There was a voter, undecided, Though I cannot fathom why; Perhaps a faulty compass guided Him, as days and weeks flew by. Friends would prod, and neighbors chided “Such an indecisive guy!” With rapt attention undivided All would roll their …

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Dec 28 2011

Times Square Jumbotron Strikes Again

Via James Randi’s Swift, a time-sensitive message. Remember when the National Vaccine Information Center ran ads this past April, on the Times Square Jumbotron? They’re baaaack: (Important stuff, after the jump:)

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Dec 20 2011

It’s A Miracle (Officially)!

The medical team was in a race Against some resistant bacteria; A colony found a young boy’s face To treat as their own cafeteria The miracle team investigates Against some religious criteria; The “promoter of justice” tries their fates As they battle with strep or listeria The desperate parents said their prayers As conditions grew …

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Dec 15 2011

Proof Of God?

Over at Debunking Christianity, John Loftus answers a question. Specifically, the question of “what would it take for you, an atheist, to believe in god?”, and the objection that in reality, our answers are all lip service, that we are closed-minded and unwilling to budge. You can go take a look at his answer, but …

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Dec 14 2011

The Predictable Comment

What a pointless waste of money! What a frightful waste of time! This is lame, disgusting drivel And it isn’t worth a dime! What a waste of a reporter When this clearly isn’t news! Your priorities are foolish— Give us something we can use! This misguided bit of effort, Lacking substance, style, or taste, And …

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Dec 12 2011

Believers, Or Story-Tellers?

Over on NPR’s 13.7 Cosmos And Culture blog, a couple of recent posts caught my eye. Marcello Gleiser, theoretical physicist (which I add, in part, to show that his expertise is not in, say, psychology or biology) writes that “To be human is to believe“: Humans are believing animals. Perhaps that’s even a way of …

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