Football, With God On Our Side

Yeah, technically it’s a Super Bowl song, but after last night’s game, I just couldn’t help it.

Oh, the workouts are nothin’
And the wind sprints are less
We don’t even practice
We think that it’s best
Cos practice means nothing
I’m forced to confide—
But we’ll win big on Sunday
With God on our side

Oh the networks will show it
They’ll show it so well
How the righteous team won
And the evil team fell
Oh the righteous team won
But it’s not cos we tried
It’s Super Bowl Sunday
With God on our side

Oh, when I cross the goal line
I’ll raise my arm high
With one upraised finger
I’ll point to the sky
I’m sending a message
That can’t be denied
I just scored a touchdown
With God on my side

When it’s fourth down and inches
We’ll go for it all
It’s a quarterback keeper
But where is the ball
They’ll bring out the chain gang
And the refs will decide
First and ten to the team
With God on their side

And the fans in the stadium
Will cheer on their teams
And eat without stopping
Or that’s how it seems
And most of it’s salty
And all of it’s fried
They’ll eat it on Sunday
With God on their side

Oh, it won’t even matter
What’s the final score
The points aren’t important
That’s not what it’s for
This game’s about Jesus
We can all say with pride
We won big on Sunday
With God on our side

We gather each Sunday
We won’t miss a week
It’s more than just victory
It’s salvation we seek
It’s more than religion
It’s the reason Christ died
So we could play football
With God on our side


  1. 'Tis Himself, OM. says

    I’ve always been amazed how Yahweh and Jebus ignore wars, natural disasters and massacres but instead concern themselves with who wins The Big Game™ and how often some teenager masturbates.

  2. Passerby says

    See, stuff like this is why I put your Christmas poems on the cards that went to our Chaplain staff.

    “So now as we’re leaving
    We’re weary as hell.
    Are we winning or losing?
    No bookie can tell.
    The sportscasters are silent
    as they go to the grass.
    ‘Cause if God’s on our side
    We’ll make this next pass.”

    …I should leave the poetry to you. Never was very good at it.

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