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Mar 15 2014


Just finished an absolutely wonderful book (about which, more later); in the notes was a mention of Terry Bisson’s wonderful short story “They’re Made out of Meat”. Studio 360 aired a version a while ago–give a listen: Bisson’s site has the transcript (or rather, the original story), for those who want. I love it.

Feb 05 2014

In Which I Argue At Length With A MacArthur Genius

Strong-ily, wrong-ily Neurophilosophers Tout their position: “The self as the brain” Finding our cause in our Neuroanatomy— Sadly, it’s fictional: Lemme explain…. (tl;dr–”brain as self” models are dependent on a particular philosophical model; the conclusions are more a factor of the requirements of that model than of the evidence.) Mano presents a clip from the …

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Feb 18 2013

There Are Times I Just Hate The Brain

Your brain does this; your brain does that; Your brain does other stuff. Your brain controls your body, and (If that was not enough) Your brain makes all your choices, and Your brain dreams all your dreams— So much of what you are is in Your brain… or so it seems. I’ve learned about neurology, …

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Feb 11 2013

The Pope Is Stepping Down

So in his honor, a verse that speculates on what really goes on in the college of cardinals as they go about the business of selecting a new guy to wear the funny hat: We struggle in vain to distinguish a MassFrom your typical Zombie behaviorAs they guzzle down red by the bottle or glassAnd …

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Jan 25 2013

At The Dalai Lama’s Science Conference…

They’re analyzing consciousness By means of introspection And none of them have noticed that They’ve looked the wrong direction. The Dalai Lama saw the moon Was not lit from within He shared his observation (To his tutors’ great chagrin) Tibetan thought did not survive Objective observation The moon was not a lantern— That was just …

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Dec 17 2012

Mechanism, Contextualism, And The Limits Of Brain Science

Over at NPR’s 13.7 Cosmos and Culture blog, Alva Noë writes about “Science And The Allure Of ‘Nothing But“, a topic near and dear to my hearts. Reductionism in science has led us to some frankly silly stances, but stances held and strongly defended by major players, and (probably, but I have not counted) a …

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Dec 12 2012

God, Neurology, And Bliss

A vision of God’s not the slightest bit odd When your brain’s shutting down, argues Sacks But you knew all along some would find his view wrong And would write of the logic he lacks We might not be deceived; perhaps God was perceived When the cranial neurons misfired That was already known. What these …

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