That Little Voice In Your Head

There’s a voice in my head that says “go for it!”
There’s a voice in my head that says “try!”
It says clearly “Advance! Risk it all! Take the chance!
What’s the worst that could happen—you die?”

There’s a voice in my head that says “onward!”
There’s a voice that says “picture success!”
And it pulls me along, like a true siren’s song
Till I’m daring and bold, I confess

There’s a voice in my head that stays quiet
It can barely be noticed at all:
“This anti-neurosis is toxoplasmosis
I’d best give the doctor a call!”

There’s a voice in my head that’s a parasite
And it’s making me work for its will
So… if you hear a voice, and it feels like your choice,
Just remember, it might be… you’re ill

There’s a voice in some heads, called religion
Near ubiquitous, studies have shown
And it makes us subscribe to the views of our tribe
So we work for its good, not our own

And it tells us we have to protect it
And it tells us to keep it from harm
It’s our duty to spread it (like fungus—I said it)
And the thing is… it works like a charm.

Some of you might recognize the opening metaphor from Dan Dennett’s Breaking The Spell, with a little help from Wednesday’s XKCD

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