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Oct 18 2012

A Friend In Need…

Go here and read this. In case you haven’t already. I’m Cuttlefish, and I approved this message.

Oct 16 2012

Debate: The Least-Informed Are In Charge Of The Questions

There was a voter, undecided, Though I cannot fathom why; Perhaps a faulty compass guided Him, as days and weeks flew by. Friends would prod, and neighbors chided “Such an indecisive guy!” With rapt attention undivided All would roll their eyes and sigh. The networks parked where he resided (Never was he camera-shy) The interviews …

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Oct 15 2012

Radio Silence

Ok, just received four shiny new batches of tests to grade, so I’m kicking myself off the interwebs for a bit. You’ll have to content yourselves with browsing through the archives for unread gems. I think both of them are in there, somewhere. And leave me wonderful comments for when I come back. Or not. …

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Oct 14 2012

“Whatever Your Religion, We Are All One Family”

We’re all God’s children, can’t you see? One giant, global family We all love God, it seems to me It’s just what people do! “God-consciousness” is all around Wherever humankind is found It shows us all our common ground I’m just the same as you! One sees it best when one ignores Religion’s role in …

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Oct 13 2012

Robot Octopus!

Robot Octopus. Two words that are awesome together. I want a robot octopus To play with in the pool To go for walks on rainy days And follow me to school To count upon its tentacles And help me out with math To find my rubber ducky When I lose it in the bath I …

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Oct 12 2012


My point, dear sir, is simply put: I’m asking you—get off my foot. You must forgive my clumsiness I did not mean to cause distress I so regret I did transgress, As everybody sees! It clearly wasn’t what I meant— I mean, it was not my intent I trod your toes by accident I beg …

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Oct 11 2012

Pennsylvania Pol Panders, Protecting Public Pledge

“I pledge allegiance…” no, I don’t. A public prayer? Again, I won’t. My first amendment rights allow my protest in this case! The Pennsylvania House, this week Observed a Rep refuse to speak The chairman made an issue just to pander to his base. A Democrat refused to pray Though why she did, I cannot …

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Oct 11 2012

Debating The Debate (VP Edition)

This evening the veeps are debating, creating A whirlwind of chaos—a media blitz With donkeys and elephants doing the viewing (and quite a few others who don’t give two shits) We closely examine each faction’s reactions— The reasons they’re likely to call it a “win” The truth is, it only produces excuses As partisans scramble, …

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Oct 10 2012

“Completely Wrong”

Mitt Was Completely wrong He should have known it all along So come and sing a silly song Wrong! La-la-la—Wrong! La-la-la-la-la! (oh!) Mitt Told A bunch of lies He did it lots; it’s no surprise It’s time to open up your eyes Lie! La-la-la—Lie! La-la-la-la! Mitt Is full of shit Not just a bit It …

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Oct 09 2012

Malala The Mighty

How strong are the words of a young teen-aged girl To frighten the Taliban so? What cowards decide, since she’s telling the truth, That courageous Malala must go? How mighty is she, that they thought they would need An army arrayed against one? The pen, we all know, is much mightier than the sword… So …

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