Debating The Debate (VP Edition)

This evening the veeps are debating, creating
A whirlwind of chaos—a media blitz
With donkeys and elephants doing the viewing
(and quite a few others who don’t give two shits)
We closely examine each faction’s reactions—
The reasons they’re likely to call it a “win”
The truth is, it only produces excuses
As partisans scramble, applying their spin.

The groups who would call it a horse-race, of course, face
The task of promoting their narrative views
For others, whose take is more subtle, rebuttal
Will never be seen on the six o’clock news
The debate may have vast, influential potential
Or maybe it’s little or nothing of note
I see, in a mix of conclusions, confusion…
It does, and it doesn’t, affect how you’ll vote.


  1. Die Anyway says

    Here’s my attitude… The “debate” was on one of the big screen TVs at the Sports Bar. We all managed to ignore it as we drank beer and played pool. I know which party I support. A gaffe by one participant or the other is not going to change my mind about the direction we should head. I might be disappointed by my guy or impressed by the other guy but it’s not going to change my vote because direction matters more than one individual’s ability to debate well. I lost at pool but the Shock Top was good as was the shot of Southern Comfort. Politics sucks hind tit but friendship and camaraderie make up for it.

  2. brucecoppola says

    Politics sucks hind tit but friendship and camaraderie make up for it.

    Die Anyway just (unintentionally?) dropped a nice little couplet in your lap, Cuttle. Take it from there.

  3. Die Anyway says

    Definitely unintentional. It was nearly 1 am and it was the beer talking, not my usually reserved and sober self. However, as I read back over it today I’m not sure my sober self could express it any better.

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