Radio Silence

Ok, just received four shiny new batches of tests to grade, so I’m kicking myself off the interwebs for a bit. You’ll have to content yourselves with browsing through the archives for unread gems. I think both of them are in there, somewhere. And leave me wonderful comments for when I come back. Or not. Mostly, this post is here to remind me to get off the blog and back to the tests. So if you see me on twitter, or in the comments here, there, or anywhere, yell at me.

A cuttlefish found itself blue
It had far too much grading to do
You may find this quite weird,
But it just… disappeared…


  1. Emu Sam says

    I think this poem needs copying over.

    The cuttlefish will its ink
    To hide itself–and so, I think,
    Will I, although unlike my heroes,
    I will hide in ones and zeroes.
    It is my not-so-subtle wish
    To emulate the cuttlefish,
    To keep myself from public view
    While writing what I write to you.

  2. says

    With apologies to Cuttlefish…

    Our dear author has papers to grade.
    He must work hard so he can get paid.
    But what if he gets bored?
    Well, there’s help from the horde:
    Witty comments will come to his aid.

    Cuttlefishes are creatures sublime.
    Their colors can change with the time.
    But this one’s quite odd
    for a cephalopod;
    He communicates mostly in rhyme.

    A rhyming fish seems rather funny,
    (though no stranger than dog, cat, or bunny).
    But what does he do
    when his poems are all through?
    Well, you’ll find him de-godding his money.

    Other commenters may have complained
    while by grading our host is detained.
    They cry ’till he comes back
    “Oh, alas and alack!”
    But this writing’s kept me entertained.

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