I can’t believe I actually have to answer this question

Greta Christina has put up the Bat Signal:

But it’s also a ridiculous question because the reality of racism is extremely well-established, with study after study after study. Charging into a conversation about racism and saying, “Give me scientific evidence that it exists!” is about as absurd as charging into a conversation about vaccinations and saying, “Give me scientific evidence that vaccinations even work!” It’s one of the reasons that, in the Race and Inclusivity — A To-Do List post I put on my blog, “Get your “Race and Racism 101″ on Google or at the library. Don’t expect people of color who come to your group or event to bring you up to speed” was on the list. It’s incredibly frustrating to have to re-introduce ground-level concepts to people who are jumping into the conversation but haven’t bothered to do their homework. (And since atheists are a subset of our society at large, it would be an extraordinary claim indeed to assume that atheists are somehow miraculously free of this racism.)

However, I’m swamped today, and I really don’t have time to do Google-Fu, and email all my friends and colleagues who have sociology and psychology studies at their fingertips, and otherwise spend the entire day lining up links to the countless studies demonstrating the reality of racism. So I’m going to crowd-source it. People here who do have sociology and psychology studies at your fingertips… can you please provide links to scientific studies on racism? Thank you.

So I’m going to help out, because I like Greta.

I’m a little annoyed that Emil Karlsson, for whom this list is being assembled, hasn’t bothered to put any effort whatsoever into looking into the question before deciding that it’s all a bunch of hooey that needs to be proven to his own satisfaction before he’ll accept that the problem is a problem (and I wonder if he would stand up on that soapbox and demand the same kind of evidence to substantiate discrimination facing atheists). That being said, I just so happen to run a blog that talks specifically about racism. So Mr. Karlsson, and others who are hyper-skeptical about the existence of racism, hopefully some of this will filter through.

Racism in popular culture, law, and science

The Unbearable Whiteness of TVing: looking at the effect of white-dominated media on the self-esteem of black children and girls

Mandatory Minimums, Marijuana, and Measurementlooking at the disproportionate effect of mandatory drug minimums and arrest patterns on black D.C. residents

Here come da judgeracism evident in Canada’s judicial appointment process, and in American jury selection

Double Whammydiscussing a racial discrepancy in the awarding of federal grants in the United States

They took ‘ur jaaaeerrrbs!investigating the myth of minority preference in scholarship awarding

Racism, elections, and how we measure up: using Google trends to estimate the political consequences of racism in the last United States presidential election

Fuckin’ privilege? How does that work?: a summary of a study looking at racially differential treatment of women seeking governmental assistance in Seattle.

Good for the goose, bad for the gander: examining racial differences in punishment rate and severity in classrooms

Economic consequences of racism

Culture of poverty: complete nonsense: exploring the myth of the ‘culture of poverty’ that supposedly explains black economic languishing

Is this racist? You can bank on it: exposing the racism behind the predatory lending practices of large banks in the U.S. housing market collapse

We’ve got a job to dosummarizing a study that found a hiring bias towards white job applicants over Latin@ and black applicants with identical qualifications

Lowering tide sinks some boats more than otherslooking at the disproportionate way in which the economic downturn has affected First Nations Canadians and black and Latin@ Americans

The bankruptcy of racism: examining the effect racism has on bankruptcy filings and recommendations from financial advisers

Black Canadians: outcomes, attitudes, and evidence: some explanations of racial disparities in Canada’s workforce

Psychological explorations of racism

Does stupidity make you racist?: critiquing a study that looks at the association between low-effort cognition and racist ideation

Race, the power of an Illusion: a video summarizing a study of the biological basis (or lack thereof) of race

Why are you hitting yourself? Part 3: this post contains implicit contentexploring the racial dynamics of system justifying behaviour

Colourism: the sweet juice of racismexploring the phenomenon of ‘colourism’

Dressing the part: a study exploring the intersection of classism and racism with respect to dress

Keep in mind, I don’t have a systematic way of collecting fodder for blog posts – this is just stuff that I run into whilst bumming around the internet. The evidence base is much much much deeper than I can adequately reflect on this blog.

Racism. It exists. It has power. We need to deal with it.

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