Because I am an atheist: Shaun

Today’s contribution is an alternative take on the question, submitted via e-mail by Shaun, who blogs at PolySkeptic

Because I am an atheist…

…I don’t think that there is anything that can be derived from being an atheist per se.  I do not believe that I do anything because I’m an atheist, but I am an atheist and polyamorous because I am a skeptic.

I am a skeptic primarily.  I have always been an atheist, but when I started trying to apply skepticism to as many aspects of my beliefs, actions, etc it changed what I did and how I think.  Being skeptical was the start to becoming a better person.

So, because I’m a skeptic (or at least because I try and apply skepticism to my life), I try to question my own assumptions and try to listen to others when my experience is insufficient.  I try to believe as may true things, and reject as many unsupported things, as I can.  I care about what is true, and find criticism to be a powerful and important tool.

Because I’m skeptical I have lost friendships with people who are more concerned with comfortable beliefs than seeking what is true.  I rarely miss those friendships.

But most importantly, because I am skeptical I have formed meaningful, intimate, and important relationships with other skeptical people.  Because I care about truth, authenticity, and honesty, I have closer relationships than I would otherwise.

Because I’m skeptical, I have found a wonderful community of people, both near and far, who challenge me and accept challenges from me.  Because I am skeptical, I am polyamorous.  Because I am skeptical, I am an atheist.

Because I’m an atheist, I have found a home in places like this.

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