Movie Friday: Off the grid

I’ll be in Tofino this weekend, which means no phone, no e-mails, and best (or worst, depending on your perspective) of all, no blogging. I will be complontly unplogged for 4 glorious days. This means I will not be supervising comments or posting new stuff for a few days, which means y’all are on your own. I’m sure I’ll come back to a bunch of people with comments in moderation complaining about how I’m “censoring” them and how un-“freethought” that is of me. I won’t care though – did I mention I’ll be in Tofino?

See you when I get back.

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  1. Trebuchet says

    I’m envious. We’ve been to Tofino just once, on a spur-of-the moment thing when we’d arrived in Victoria too early to check into the hotel. That became a very long and satisfying day. Take a picture of a lighthouse for me!

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