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Jun 25 2014

Potential participants

CAFE is in the news again – the Canadian Association for Equality, you know, founded by Justin “not THAT Justin” Trottier, formerly the ED of CFI-Canada. Why is it in the news again? Because it’s been discovered that it cited women’s rights organizations on its application to the Canada Revenue Agency for charitable status, which it …

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Feb 18 2014

That pendulum is WAY over there on the wrong side

Justin Trottier belongs to (or for all I know is the ED of) a men’s rights organization called the Canadian Association for Equality, aka Café (geddit?). It has a Facebook page, which is currently full of Karen Straughan’s talk. It also has a website, which triggered a virus warning, so don’t go there. The Toronto …

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Aug 18 2012

What’s so wrong with men beating up women, really?

I’d never heard of “GirlWritesWhat” until a few days ago when I saw a video of hers in which she accused “FTB” – on the basis of absolutely nothing – of filing a fake DMCA complaint on her in order to force her to reveal her address. A couple of days later I saw a …

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Mar 17 2012

Frivolous law suit dismissed

Remember Tom Martin, the MRA who was suing LSE for sexism? The one who likes to call women “whores!” when they disagree with him? His case has been dismissed; he has to pay LSE’s costs. Representing himself at his application for a trial at the Central London County Court on Tuesday, Mr Martin complained of …

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Sep 21 2011

Tom Martin on “whoriarchy”

Remember our friend Tom Martin, the MRA who is suing LSE for being unfair to men? He just sent me a message to let me know he’s done an interview with two other MRAs so that I could listen to it if I wanted to. Nah, I don’t. But I looked around a little and …

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Sep 15 2011

Attack of the male-blaming biases

Tom Martin tells us about the tragic misandrist sexism at LSE and in feminism generally. …a close analysis of the core texts shows all the old, male-blaming biases are still there. Patriarchy theory – the idea that men typically “dominate” women – is omnipresent, when research shows women tend to boss men interpersonally.

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Sep 14 2011

Men are being silenced

A guy is suing LSE for sexism. The man, 39-year-old Tom Martin, based in London, began pursuing an MSc degree in gender, media and culture at the LSE’s Gender Institute in October 2009. He withdrew six weeks later, citing “anti-male discrimination” in the coursework. “Its programs actively block men’s discourse and perpetuate the men-bad, women-good …

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