The minister for the menz

Amity Reed at The F-Word and Cath Elliott have been finding out more about our new friend and regular commenter MRA Tom Martin.

Reed pointed out a Twitter account of his, Min4Men. One striking tweet is

MIN4MENThe Missing Minister

All Muslim women are whores, as The Holy Whoran says men MUST provide for women. If you’re a woman WITH a job, then you’re NOT a true muslim

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Elliott found a lot of material, including a lengthy ad for a would-be comedy group seeking members –

Over the next three months, we are mounting a street-based campaign, in conjunction with a website, to raise awareness and fighting funds, to help a man bring a sexual discrimination damages case against an elite university’s gender studies department, because he found its curriculum grounded in academic misandry – anti-male bias, rhetoric, propaganda, hostility, and anathema (typical across most media). A specialist lawyer and barrister believe the case is very strong, and await further instruction. The Equalities Commission has shown support too.

He doesn’t seem to have found any takers yet, which is odd, considering what a big thing misogynist “comedy” is at Facebook.

I await further developments with interest.