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Jan 25 2013

He bruised his knuckles when he punched her

It was all Mary Beard’s fault, as it turns out. No really; it was. The guy who ran that website says so. If he doesn’t know, who does?! The co-owner and moderator of the website that published abusive comments about Mary Beard has accused the Cambridge academic of using the row to deflect from her …

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Jan 24 2013

Women’s hour

Maureen Brian alerted me to Mary Beard’s appearance (there should be a hearing-word version of “appearance” for radio and podcasts – can’t be audience, that’s taken, and I can’t think of what else it could be) on Women’s Hour to talk about verbal abuse online. She reports that the guys who run the repellent website that …

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Jan 24 2013

A good little girl doesn’t

Laura Bates objects to casual sexism among politicians in the UK. Murdo Fraser, Member of the Scottish Parliament for Mid-Scotland and Fife, discovered last week that the wife of former Liberal leader Lord Steel had declared herself pro-independence. He tweeted: “Why is Lady Steel (apparently) pro-independence? Is he not master in his own house?” Presumably Fraser was …

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Jan 24 2013

“She whined”

I hope you enjoyed your break from the misogyny wars yesterday – I held off on commenting on the Ms piece in order to make it a real break – because the wars aren’t over yet. I’m staggered by something I just read by Rod Liddle at the Spectator. I’ve been staggered by things Rod …

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Jan 20 2013

Thought for the morning

The Mellow Monkey (whose avatar is a butterfly, surely the sign of an outstanding sort of person) at Pharyngula: There aren’t that many people who enjoy fighting for social justice. We’d prefer it to just be a given and be able to focus on other stuff, too. Want to know the best way to ensure …

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Jan 11 2013

Adam’s petition

Adam Lee has a petition to the Leaders of Atheist, Skeptical and Secular Groups: Support Feminism and Diversity in the Secular Community. Please, if you agree with it, take a minute to sign it and share it. We, the undersigned, are atheists, skeptics and nonbelievers who value free speech and rational thought and who seek …

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Jan 03 2013

Thunderfoot’s inflammatory video

Never enough time… And then spending an hour walking on the beach with the dog first thing in the morning eats into the day something fierce. And yet – it’s walking on the beach first thing in the morning! And I’ve only just realized that it’s actually the best beach for the purpose on the …

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Jan 02 2013

Bullied or cajoled

More anti-feminist rage, more pro-feminist pushback. No doubt you’re aware of Thunderfoot’s video, which (for my sins) I watched. That’s the rage. The pushback is… Michael Nugent for instance. Thunderf00t has published a video in which he includes me on a list of people who he claims have been “bullied or cajoled” into what he calls …

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Dec 29 2012

Women end up exacerbating tensions

Via Katha Pollitt on Twitter – an Italian priest explains things to women. Italian media reported that parish priest Piero Corsi fixed a text to the bulletin board of his church in the northern village of San Terenzo di Lerici, which said women should engage in “healthy self criticism” over the issue of femicide, or …

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Dec 09 2012

“One individual has already been identified”

David Futrelle points out A Voice for Men campaigning to terrorize a young woman they dislike. These guys are scary. Seriously scary: AVfM is conducting outreach and investigation into the identities of the persons involved in the violent protest against the rights of men and boys orchestrated and conducted by the University of Toronto Student …

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