More poetry

Continuing in the poetic vein – the Cuttlefish has a great one.

I love to start fires; it’s just what I do—

I’ve started them all over town—

But recently, folks have begun to complain,

And they’re working on shutting me down.

I’m just having fun, but they say that it’s wrong;

I’m a danger, or that’s what they say.

I want lots of fires; they’re screaming for none:

Why can’t they just meet me half way?

Read the whole thing.

The analogy speaks to me, because about 20 years ago there was a bad arsonist at work in North Seattle, where I lived at the time. His fires were frequently very close to my neighborhood. Worse, my place had a lot of the features shared by places he struck, and he did his thing in the middle of the night. He scared me. His fires killed at least three people.

I don’t like arsonists.


  1. michaelraymer says

    Have you heard of John Orr? He was an arson investigator in southern California who was actually an arsonist, investigating the very same fires he had started. His fires killed four people and caused millions in damage. I don’t like arsonists either. I found that case fascinating from a psychological standpoint though. What drives someone to live a double life like that? Terrifying.

  2. says

    I wonder if we could just engage in a dialogue with the arsonist? Surely, everything will be fine then.

    What’s wrong with a little dialogue with the arsonist? Why no, we certainly don’t want to take away his matches or his gas can. Not at all. Certainly not while we’re engaged in dialogue.

  3. Funny Diva says

    I remember those arsons, too. I lived in Lake City at the time. It was awful and you weren’t the only one who was scared.
    I don’t like arsonists, either.

  4. says

    @ 1 – wow. I think I probably did hear of him during the time the Seattle arsonist was busy. I was paying attention, and I would guess he got mentioned.

    The Seattle one, Paul Keller – when he was arrested he gave a statement saying he was fraffly sorry, and he’d never meant to hurt anyone, he just loved him some fires. What bullshit. He set his fires in the middle of the night; he torched houses that were occupied; one of his fires was at a nursing home. Of course he meant to hurt anyone!

  5. Anthony K says

    The Seattle one, Paul Keller – when he was arrested he gave a statement saying he was fraffly sorry, and he’d never meant to hurt anyone, he just loved him some fires.

    Arson victims are just overly sensitive. Can’t they take a joke?

  6. Josh, Official SpokesGay says

    When you exclude people simply based on their recreational choices you are being divisive. Why can’t we just include everyone? Wouldn’t that allow the best people to rise to the top?

    -a concerned pitizen

  7. Funny Diva says

    I lived catter-corner across 125th from the Lake City branch library. It was an act of grad student rebellion to periodically go over with my library card and come home with a STACK OF FICTION! No, grad school was not a particularly happy time in my life.

  8. Funny Diva says

    *waves at Anthony K and Josh, Official SpokesGay* Always a pleasure to see your snark. Yours, too, Kevin!

  9. Your Name's not Bruce? says

    If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the building I’m about to burn down.

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