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  1. Emrysmyrddin says

    I’m so proud to have her here. I hope she and her family get permanent resident status.

  2. bram says

    It makes me very proud that she was brought here given the medical treatment she needed. That she is now able to continue with her education. We aren’t a perfect society by any means, but we’re so much better than the taliban.

  3. says

    It makes me happy to watch it because she looks so all there, so alert and engaged and eager and ready to go.

    OB: I wholeheartedly feel the same way. To think that just five months ago her life was touch and go.

  4. peterh says

    She’s well on her way to becoming one of this (fledgling) Century’s most influential people.

  5. great1american1satan says

    OK, she does have an asymmetrical facial expression, but it didn’t damage her spirit (if you will), and she’s great.

  6. great1american1satan says

    I was going to say something further about how she’s lovely and it reminds me of X problem with achieving progress global solutions etc etc, but the comment was eaten. At least partly my stupid fault. Do dee do.

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