A heroes day

A few years ago I met some great people, and wrote the article below, it seems even more relevant this Memorial Day than it was then. -- DS

Justin Callahan’s life changed forever in one violent instant on a cold, bleak January morning in 2004. The then 21 year-old army sergeant was on routine patrol in Afghanistan when a hockey-puck sized land mine called a PMN2, a Soviet relic from the cold war, detonated a mere yard away. He never even heard the explosion: [Read more…]

I hate commercials

I hate commercials, I’d happily pay a premium for every regular TV station for no commercials on any of ’em, and I say that as someone who doesn’t have much disposable income at all right now. The reason TV commercials suck so much is because they’re unavoidable, ads in other venues, not so much: [Read more…]