Aww, Fox & company had an End Times scam all set to go on Syria

Pity the poor dominionists. Today they not only got the air let out of their tires as the US scored the biggest political victory over rogue regimes since Qaddafi was lynched, it may have postponed the End Times to boot! At least according to Fox New and their special pal:

MoJo — End times buffs have taken a special interest in the possibility of US military strikes in Syria. As I reported last week, popular evangelists and writers like Joel Rosenberg have spent much of the last five years talking up the possibility of a conflict that might fit the one outlined by Isaiah and Jeremiah in the Old Testament, in which Damascus is reduced to rubble. On Saturday, Rosenberg spoke about the Isaiah prophecy in Topeka, Kansas, at the invitation of Republican governor Sam Brownback. On Monday, he appeared on Fox News to elaborate on his views.

Meanwhile, major news sites now reporting Syria has completely caved, will turn over CW, and even sign CW ban treaty. Alas, there probably won’t be a US led Syrian war to conjure up Republican Jesus this month after all. Mr. Rosenberg will have to go back to the drawing board and cook up a new scam to milk fundamentalist listeners. Not that that will take him very long at all. Any good con man always has the next conman answer to any new development at the ready.

But at least we will now have the comedic spectacle of Teaparty trogs and Bush/neocon geniuses whining that this is somehow, someway, evidence that Obama is weak on terror …


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    “Alas, there probably won’t be a US led Syrian war to conjure up Republican Jesus this month after all.”

    I just had a shuddering recollection of the series “Full Metal Alchemist,” and the process of how to make a philosopher’s stone. It does kind of make you wonder what is manipulating Christian fundamentalists….

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    It’s every fundamentalist’s dream to be alive during the End Times, which means many of them will implicitly support the US every time our government decides to go to war in the Middle East. The worst part is they vote and barely anyone else does.

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