Life update & job news

I’ve been remiss on posting, but for a good reason: things are going a little better, my luck may have improved a tiny bit. There are two things I’m working on. One is a new job and in that vein, I had a promising interview today where I scored a near perfect mark on the skills test and nailed the back and forth It’s still customer service, but it’s for a large S & P 500 Internet company with a huge facility here in town and I would literally be getting in on the ground floor — which is still under constructions. The pay is a little better than what I’m getting where I’m at, enough that it would materially improve my life practically from the first paycheck received. The thing I liked best about it is the actual work environment. Going from where I am to this place would be like walking from a 1960s office complex into the year 2035. It’s beautiful and spacious, full gym on premises, room to grow, plenty of room to advance, and it’s a publicly traded with a great discounted employee stock plan and other, topnotch superb benefits.

The other project I’m working on is for Kickstarter. I can’t talk about this much, but I may have some work for anyone who is deft with creating YouTube videos. Leave a comment below with a good email and I’ll contact you. Note: this is not an intern job, it is not a learn as go deal, this is a one time lowish to moderately OK flat fee for a few hours work for a creative producer who can hit the ground running with editing, placing text and other advanced effects on the YouTube platform. Outside of that, more soon.



  1. nemistenem says

    Stephen, I am not a frequent poster but do enjoy your blog posts and am pleased to hear about your recent (finally) life tack in the right direction. Good for you, and I hope it works out well for you. Cheers!

  2. magistramarla says

    You’ve been down so long, it’s about time that things start looking up!
    Good luck, and I hope that you get that job.

  3. CaitieCat says

    I know a video maker who could do the work you need. I think you have my e-mail from my comment; if not, ask Miri, Stephanie, or Jason on the backchannel, they all have my addies.

  4. stacy123 says

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  5. baquist says

    Best Wishes for them both. Please let us know ASAP when you do get good news; you’ve been through such a rough time recently that a lot of us want to be there on the sidelines cheering you on when good things start happening again……………………….

  6. Donnie says

    Good Luck! My best friend from High School works for XO Communications and I know that they are, were recently hiring CSR for the phones. He will listen to me on a new hire recommendation. Let me know if you need it.

  7. BCat70 says

    Thats great, dude!

    I’m glad things are looking up for you.

    Did you remember to praise Jebus?

  8. Karen Locke says

    Hugs and Snoopy-dances with joy! You really, really, deserve a luck change. Let us know how the job and Kickstarter project go.

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