Texas, August. There are many cruel days in the southwest, but these are the worst. It’s going to be hot, then hotter, followed by blazing hot. AC’s will fail, automobile radiators will blow out, power grids will brown out, some people will end up in the ER or the morgue because of it.

One thing we don’t need here in Texas is more heat and more drought. If you happen to live on or near the east or Gulf Coast, you might want to bookmark this page: National Weather Service Tropical Cyclone page.


  1. machintelligence says

    One thing we don’t need here in Texas is more heat and more drought.

    Sorry, but you are up against the iron law of distribution:”Them what has, gets.”

  2. Francisco Bacopa says

    A hurricane could really help refill the reservoirs, but I sure don’t want one this year. If one comes, I hope it hits directly between Galveston and Corpus Christi since not many people live there.

    One thing people may not know about the Gulf of Mexico is that the continental shelf slopes very gently here, even though the Gulf is very deep. As a result, the surfing isn’t that great. But when a hurricane is out there, the surfing is very good. It can hit the Florida panhandle and still make good waves as far away as Galveston.

  3. bad Jim says

    Weather Underground is pretty good, too. Chief blogger Jeff Masters is a nut about hurricanes. (He has an absolutely terrifying story about flying into Hurricane Hugo).

    One cool thing about getting your weather from that site is that you can see the readings from all the neighborhood weather stations, and there are a lot of them.

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