Tornado forms and devastates Oklahoma on cue

 I moved the video under the fold because it was annoying readers — DS

Like something out of The Day After Tomorrow, a massive EF5 twister formed while cable news stations covered it live and swept through neighborhoods and schools in and around Oklahoma City this afternoon. Death and destruction is just now starting to emerge and if there any readers in that region, please, let us know you are OK.

I’ll now dispense with the usual dice roll analogy: this is exactly what some consequences of climate change are predicted to look like. More at Weatherdude’s Diary and Jeff Masters. Masters sent me this prerelease on what he’s working on for later tonight which included this:

A massive and violent tornado at least a mile wide smashed through Moore, Oklahoma near 3 pm CDT Monday, causing catastrophic damage over a swath up to a mile wide and many miles long. The National Weather Service in Norman, Oklahoma has rated the tornado at least an EF-4 (166 – 200 mph winds), and detailed damage surveys may upgrade this rating to the top-end EF-5 level in the coming days.

RedState Founder Erik Erickson doesn’t miss a tweet-beat: “I wonder when President Obama will find out about Oklahoma.”

Reign of April responds to the asshole: “As you tweeted that, I was unsure if my niece was one of those babies buried in the rubble of her school.”


  1. says

    No. It’s god – who is very angry at states that haven’t passed gay marriage legislation.

    Get on it, Oklahoma! And Mississippi and Alabama — you’re next!

  2. Trebuchet says

    Goddiddit. At least according to the lucky ones who credit Him for their survival, while conveniently forgetting that He killed their neighbors and the neighbors’ children.

    Any way you can turn off autoplay on that video?

  3. naturalcynic says

    The roll of the dice was particularly unlucky for Moore. In 1999 they had the strongest EF5 tornado recorded with maximum wind speed in excess of 300 mph. The current one took almost exactly the same track.


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