Michigan schools closing early to treasure end times

Just get used to R. E. M.’s hit song because it’s going to be ubiquitous and at least it doesn’t suck. The header is a little inflammatory, but not that much. School spokes people have said doomsday is a factor in letting students go home a day or two early for the winter break:

LA Times — Rumors about violence after the deadly shooting at a Connecticut elementary school, coupled with doomsday predictions associated with the Mayan calendar, have led officials to close more than 30 schools in Michigan two days early for the holidays.

In a posting on the Lapeer school district website, Supt. Matt Wandrie said the false rumors of possible violence, coupled with the end-of-time furor surrounding the completion of the current Mayan calendar cycle, led the district to cancel Thursday and Friday’s classes, along with sports events and other extracurricular activities.


  1. says

    There is a lot of media hype and social brouhaha over the allegedly impending end of civilization. Add in the high probability of something happening as the nutters go… well, nuts (this is America, after all: going on murderous rampages in an apocalyptic frenzy is something of a national pastime among some demographics.) And the Conn. tragedy. And the normal distractions of an impending vacation break. The kids aren’t going to be learning anything anyway, so this isn’t as absurd as it sounds at first hearing.

  2. crowepps says

    Interesting. For the first time that I can ever remember, the last day of school for students here is today, Thursday, although the school will be open for teachers having an in-service day on Friday the 21st. Wonder if the in-flux of evangelicals has anything to do with it?

  3. davidct says

    An alternative could have been special talks about why certain foolish ideas are dangerous. It could be a teaching moment. Of course these are schools so teaching would actually be the last option. Great mentality send students home in honor of myths and rumors. Way to go Lapeer.

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