OK Ohio, time to show us how to rock and roll!

Ohio is key to Romney, if he loses that state his path to electoral bliss hits a brick wall. It’s mathematically possible for him to win, but much harder. Recent polls show Obama with solid lead in the state, but voters are fickle and events unpredictable. The good news is early voting begins in the Buckeye Stete this Tuesday, if you know anyone in Ohio, now would be a good time to call them. If you live and/or vote in Ohio, our fate is in your hands this week: now would be a good time to ask a friend or two if they want to head to the polls with you.

Ohio Voting Info ….. Ohio Voter Station Locator


  1. StevoR says

    From what I gather here in Oz; it seems Obama is almost certain to win, (both in Ohio and the POTUS election overall) the main question being by how big a margin.

    Hopefully an Obama landslide can shift that Overton* window leftwards quite a bit and force the Republican party to seriously rethink some of its directions; eg. on denying the reality of climate change, pandering to religious extremists, antagonising women and thus losing their votes, etc.

    * Gee, Overton’s house must have been built by a pretty shonky constructor if its windows can be shifted around so easily eh? What’d they use for materials – putty? ;-)

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