You know who’s to blame for temple shooting? Atheists!

You know who’s to blame for a right-wing Christian lunatic gunning down helpless men, women, and children in a Sikh temple? Atheists, that’s who! At least according to Pat Robertson. Some of the comments on Youtube are at least hopeful.


  1. Randomfactor says

    I’d have thought Robertson would say the heathens themselves were to blame. Isn’t that the standard abusive-husband line? “NOW look what you made me do!”

  2. KG says

    Do you have any evidence that Page self-identified as Christian? I haven’t seen any. He was a neo-Nazi, his primary identity being that of the “Hammerskins Nation”, whose ideology is based on race, not religion. There are Christian neo-Nazis, but also pagan and atheist neo-Nazis.


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