War on Drugs: Another dangerous criminal off the streets!

Chalk up another sterling success in the War on Drugs. A group of brave, young undercover officers are making our schools safe!

(Alternet) — Last year in three high schools in Florida, several undercover police officers posed as students. The undercover cops went to classes, became Facebook friends and flirted with the other students. One 18-year-old honor student named Justin fell in love with an attractive 25-year-old undercover cop after spending weeks sharing stories about their lives, texting and flirting with each other.

The cop posed as stoner and set about¬†pestering Justin for some evil weed, day after day after day, and even though he didn’t smoke it, he eventually found her what sounds like a quarter ounce or less. She tried to pay him 25 bucks but he refused, saying it was a gift. Oh yeah, you know what happened next.

Cops, no doubt some of them strapped down in cool black leather like Dawg¬†the Bounty hunter, went kicking down doors with guns drawn and arrested a bunch of kids including¬†Justin. He spent a week in jail and now has a felony record; if he wasn’t a drug dealer before, that may be one of the few viable¬†careers¬†still available for him. Didn’t there used to be something called entrapment, where cops couldn’t create a crime and then arrest anyone who responded to their overture? I guess that was in then and this is now, where the War on Drugs supersedes pesky things like precedent and the Bill of Rights.

Yes, this little coptress¬†can so very, very proud, she has ruined the life of at least one young person, kept him off the street for a full week, created new clients for the always hungry private prison bidness, and saved future students from the misery of getting hit up for a couple of joints by a nice looking drug whore. Can you imagine what might have happened had she not acted? The horror, the horror …


  1. redwood says

    That’s just sick. I really hope some judge with common sense will expunge whatever record Justin has. The bizarre aspect is that it sounds like he hasn’t even smoked pot. I didn’t smoke it in high school but if some woman I liked asked me to get some for her, I would have done it and might have been in deep shit as well–oh, wait, I don’t think it was “legal” to do what that police officer did back when I was in high school.

  2. davidct says

    This begs the question- which is worse Drugs of Drug Enforcement? It is shown repeatedly that the costs of this phony war on drugs is erosion of our rights out of all proportion to benefits to society. Justin is lucky he was not framed as a terrorist in which case he could have been held indefinitely.

  3. says

    It is obvious that the prohibition of drugs causes far more harm than drugs themselves. I say, legalize them all.

    I have to wonder what kind of emotional scarring Justin will carry for the rest of his life. He has been taught to distrust cops, and to not trust women he loves.

    A cruel game all to eradicate pot.

  4. says

    This is why everyone should be contributing to one of the legalize-and-regulate ballot initiatives in one of the states that are going to have them next election (if I remember rightly, it’s looking likely to be Washington, Colorado, California and maybe Massachusetts) – the war on people who use some drugs will only be undone from the ground up. It’s also why, when the full prohibition regime finally collapses, we need to keep campaigning for the retroactive nullification of all criminal records for non-violent drug offences. Here in the UK there are apparently still people who carry a criminal record for sodomy from before gay sex was decriminalised in 1967; let’s not leave such a mess with the next imaginary crime.

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