The police state rises

We didn’t know we were living in a rising police state, where the political powers we pay and elect are bent like willow branches to the conmen and scumbags that bled our coffers dry and planned not to answer any questions about it. Until now:

(Esquire) — That was the real problem with the Occupy people. They were being heard. Late last night, the New York Police Department, apparently decked out for a confrontation with the Decepticons, cleared Zuccotti Park of the campers who had occupied it for nearly three months. It was, as all of these things have been, a fully militarized operation, launched with a maximum of surprise by armored tactical police who even brought a helicopter, in case they needed air support. They also uncrated all their exotic toys for the occasion. The operation netted the police about 100 arrests, and it is being said that it went off peacefully, although accounts on that do vary. (Keeping the press out while the action is being taken is a particular tell.)

When Teaparty Kommandos showed up to shout down politicians with assault rifles slung over their shoulders, it was freedom of expression and the Bill of Rights. Turns out rifles and thuggish loudmouths aren’t what strikes terror into the heart of our elected representatives.

That kind of scare can only come from an unarmed college girl crashing in an illegal pup tent.


  1. sunsangnim says

    Of course we still have freedom of expression. If you want to be heard, all you need to do is raise millions of dollars through a super PAC or dispatch an army of well-connected lobbyists to Washington. Thank god our supreme court allows such freedoms for corporate citizens.

  2. baz1 says

    Am trying not to be churlish, but you describe yourself as “a struggling free lance writer”. Perhaps you might struggle less if you described yourself as a “freelance writer”…..

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