Moonie Times lies about future of NASA

I could smell bullshit the moment this headline popped up in my news stories: Obama Prepares to Blast NASA! What followed was a meandering screed in the Washington Times by Robert Zubrin about unmanned planetary science missions, and the evil ursurper sitting in the Oval Office who was secretly scheming to end it all. I guess it should come as no surprise that Rev Moon’s propaganda rag was fabricating and spreading more wingnut whoppers:

Speaking at Thursday’s meeting of the NASA Advisory Council’s Planetary Science subcommittee, Jim Green, director of NASA’s Planetary Science division, took issue with an opinion piece claiming the agency was gutting its robotic exploration program following a pair of upcoming missions. “It is not true the planetary program is being killed,” Green told subcommittee members participating via telephone and Internet.

Will Zubrin fess up and print an apology? Doubtful. Being the mouthpiece for a known, demented cult leader preying on desperate teenagers and the homeless means never having to say you’re sorry or admitting you’re wrong. It’s a pity, Zubrin has done some solid reporting on the space program. But any science writer with a shred of decency would be ashamed of being associated in any way with a delusional scam artist like Sun-myung Moon.

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