Wealthy Muslim married men’s sex tourism. Virgins only.

Have you ever heard of ‘one month wives’ sex tourism?

Muslim men from the Middle East and Africa come to India to buy ‘one month wives’ for sex. Poor Muslim families pressurize their underage teen daughters to consummate a forced marriage to middle aged men, much older than their fathers, who pay for them to be their wives for a few weeks. The wedding certificate comes with a divorce certificate that fixes the terms of the divorce at the end of the groom’s holiday. It is nothing but pure prostitution in the name of marriages.

Girls and women are commodities. Poor families do not deny the contract marriages because they do not have money to pay dowry for their daughters. They prefer to collect money through their daughters’ one-month contract ‘marriages’ to fund their daughters’ real marriages. They have to pay dowry to the real grooms for making their daughters real wives cum slaves. Girls have to do all the household chores of their husbands’ families and bear and rear their children. These girls are used as sex slaves in both marriages, fake or real, illegal or legal, temporary or permanent.

And those wealthy married Muslim men with kids! They know they will have sex as much as they want with virgin girls in paradise. But they do not like to wait for that, they turn Earth into paradise. They rape temporary virgin girls whom they get through temporary marriages. They make Allah a witness of their marriages, temporary and permanent. Allah allows polygamy. Allah is the protector.