Islamists systemically murdering intellectuals

Ansarullah Bangla team is an Islamic terrorist organization in Bangladesh. The group takes its ideology from Anwar Al-Awlaki, a Yemen-based Al-Qaeda activist, translations of whose Jihadi texts has been found on the Ansarullah Team website.

Bangladesh police detective disclosed important information which was published in yesterday’s Jugantor newspaper. Ansarullah Bangla team planned to murder all the intellectuals whoever criticized Islam. More than 100 intellectuals and writers are in their hit list. They already brutally killed many talented people including blogger Rajib Haider, blogger and writer Avijit Roy, blogger Washiqur Rahman for criticism of Islam. They say that Allah gets happy if they kill nonbelievers with knives or swords rather than pistols or rifles, and it is better if they kill from the behind instead of the front. They also say that they try to do beheading because Allah prefers beheading.

The team has many hundreds of sleeper cells who are trained to murder in the name of Allah. A sleeper cell does not know about the other sleeper cell. They don’t have more than 3 to 5 members in a sleeper cell. Sleeper cells believe it is their religious duty to kill infidels. There is no doubt that they are massively brainwashed. After murdering Avijit Roy, Rezwanul Azad Rana, the current leader of Amsarullah Bangla team left the country for Australia.

After investigating terrorist activities for months, the police said, the terrorist organization decided to go to India to murder Taslima Nasreen, the writer. The news is in the 2nd page of the Jugantor newspaper. The clipping is attached.
Yep, I am their biggest target. And I am bloody worried.




  1. Cait says

    Taslima, your bravery humbles all of us.

    I stand with you, and must support the value of critique, of any social or religious culture or system. It is this questioning which gives humanity it’s route to true civilisation.

    The tragedy for Islam is that hardliners/anti-intellectuals in taking that position, are denying the astonishing theory & hypothesis based science that has come from Arabic and Asian nations both historically and recently. Celebration of human ingenuity, innate curiosity and desire to question belongs to everyone, whether people of faith or no faith at all.

    If there is any way to support your continued safety that makes sense, please let us/me know in a way that is appropriate.

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