Bangladesh is not a place for freethinkers.

Avijit Roy was brutally murdered in Bangladesh a month ago. The murderers have not yet been arrested. And yesterday another blogger, atheist and secular humanist Washikur Rahman Babu was brutally murdered by Islamists. Their crime was that they criticized Islam. Bangladeshi Islamists have been systemically murdering all freethinkers.

The murderers of Babu are the Madrasa students. They are brainwashed. They were ordered by their madrasa teacher to kill Washikur Babu. Madrasa students just followed their teacher’s order. Madrasas and mosques are the breeding ground for terrorists. But governments still continue building more madrasas and more mosques all over the country to get votes from ignorant masses. I am not surprised when I hear freethinkers are getting murdered in Bangladesh. Bangladesh has laws against blasphemy. Governments don’t spare ministers when they say unsatisfactory comments on Islam. State religion is Islam. Popular media, such as radio and television praise Islam. Family laws are based on Islam. All the established institutions claim that they all are devout Muslims. There is always a competition between major political parties who would be more religious than others. More women are wearing hijabs, and men are becoming more misogynists. It is not the country I knew in my childhood and adolescence.

Let’s see why Islamists killed Washikur Babu. What he really wrote.

On his page, Rahman reposted a cartoon depicting Prophet Mohammed from the French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo. He wished a happy birthday to author Taslima Nasreen, who was forced to flee Bangladesh due to death threats from fundamentalists. And he “liked” a picture of sausages wrapped in crescent rolls that someone had captioned, “Pigs in burqas.” Posts threatening him were numerous. “Get ready for the afterlife,” one person commented on one of his posts. “See you in hell,” said another. He used to write under the pseudonym “Stupid Man” on a blog but switched to posting on Facebook after 2011. On Facebook, he is credited for a series, “Jaw-crushing answers to insulting comments of atheists.” There, he posted questions that critics of Islam often raised and then answered them. But he paired the answers in such a way that they highlighted the contradiction within Islam. For example, one question asked what proof was there that the Quran was the word of God. The answer, “Mohammed said in his own words that the Quran is the word of God. Since Mohammed is the messenger of Allah, his claims are true.” He placed the question next to one that asked, “What is the proof that Mohammed was the messenger of Allah?” The answer, “The Quran claims that Mohammed was the messenger of Allah. And since the Quran is God’s word, its claims must be true.”

No Bangladesh government takes action against the Muslim terrorists when they kill atheists and freethinkers. Even so called moderate Muslims do not mind if atheists get brutally murdered. They rather blame atheist bloggers for writing blogs.



  1. Huma says

    I’m devastated that some Muslims can not tolerate ppl having differing views.. Live and let live is my motto.. I’m hurt when anyone says anything against Islam or prophet Muhammad but to kill everyone who thinks differently from oneself is just barbaric! The people who claim responsibility for this crime should be brought to justice.. What are the police doing?

  2. says

    Bangladesh is not an independent country. If became independent country, everybody could have freedom of expressing his own feelings. That’s a great shame for the people of Bangladesh that they bow down and respect such independence. when will they realize the meaning of freedom? No security 4 the people, No standard education for the students, No moral light among the people.why government is spending a lot of money for providing such a education that not gives any humanity to the people.where every teacher are corrupted,how we get standard education. No sympathy for the men. No justice for a man. have to be united everybody to remove fundamentalist if you want to lead your life in your own way.

  3. Abid Ali says

    Tasleema if you don’t know proper about the Islam, then don’t write against it. Don’t mix the BOKO HARAM or any terrorist with Islam, Islam is the religion of peace. They are basically atheists like you but in shape of Muslims they don’t have any religion. In your writings I have found that you are very interested in fucking, being woman shame on you. You want be famous by writing such type of articles. You have used very harsh words against Islam. There is doubt about others’, but it is confirmed that you are the other shape of SHETAAN. I advise, you have still time to come at the right path. If not, then you know well what to happen with you here after……..after this life i-e is only 60-80

  4. PISSLAM says

    Islam is the Religion Of Peace.If you don’t accept it I will Kill you..That’s how peaceful it is.
    Religion of Shit by a shit minded Paedophile.

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