Ancient civilization destroyed!

I have never been a fan of Memri TV but I am still sharing this video posted originally by ISIS. This clip shows ISIS destroying beyond recognition 3,000-year-old precious artworks. Some of the vandalized pieces were pre-historic Assyrian sculptures dating back to the 9th century BCE. The ISIS indeed are true followers of Muhammad. Muhammad destroyed 360 idols inside the Ka’aba. His followers were deputed to destruct temples of pre-Islamic Arabian goddesses, al-lat and al-Uzza.


  1. dibakar chakraborty says

    My first reaction was that of outrage. And at first I blended them as insane and bloody pigs. But whether their insanity is rarest of the rare type? Whether this behaviour of ISIS members unprecedented in the history of mankind? Is it absolutely unheard of? No, we know that these things are not uncommon in our history. But what is uncommon then? Let us examine. There have always been tussles between good and bad in our midst. The good always strove for an eternal journey forward for human race and the bad were on the job of destruction and self annihilation. There have always been vandals and marauders in every period of human history who acted as enemies of all things beautiful and all that carried the sign of human refinement. So they burnt, they looted, they sacked and destroyed. Our history is witness to the burning down of libraries, destruction of monuments, temples, mosques, churches, destruction of beautiful statues and mindless sacking of entire kingdom and its inhabitants. Yet there exist fundamental differences between the past occurrences and the present incidents. In the past, the forces of destruction were typically so overwhelmingly strong that there was little scope to prevent the destruction which was again typically carried out in the land of the vanquished by the victors. But today’s destroyers are not overwhelmingly strong in that sense. Yet they are being allowed to have their ways and do whatever they want to with priceless heritage belonging to the entire humankind. The omnipotent world-conscience is not ruffled a bit by the mindless rape of our past, of our glorious heritage. We are busy counting our notes piled up by selling ultra modern blood sucking machines to the vampires. And we also breed vampires for creating markets for our blood sucking machines. Yes, history will judge us by our deeds. History will not spit on the faces of the vandals, the spit will be reserved for our faces. Rest assured. Yawn.

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