Egypt closed 27,000 mosques to stop terrorism. When will other countries do the same?

Egypt took a good decision. Mosques have always been breeding grounds for terrorists. More mosques mean more terrorism.
Other countries should learn from Egypt. Close all mosques. I can assure you Islamic terrorism will be reduced by fifty percent. The rest will be gone after madrasas get closed.

Prove am wrong.


  1. D.S.Rao says

    Yes you are right. I lived in islamic countries. If islamists do this it is acceptable but the so called Kafirs do it then there is hue and cry. We should call all islamists as kafirs also as they do not follow or religion. I do not know why we don’t do this.

  2. dibakar chakraborty says

    After reading that the Egyptian government has closed down 27000 mosques in an attempt to stop terrorism in that country, the following lines of Rabindranath Tagore came to my mind :

    ” Pancha shore dagdha kore korechho e ki sanyasi
    Biswamoy diyechho tare chharaye”

    (You have only scattered him (his ashes) all over the world
    By burning him down) :: Please excuse my audacity.

    Let us wait and see what reaction this action of the Egyptian authorities generates. We can only hope that this action does not end up in completely liberating extremist Islam from the four walls of a mosque, like the evil genie of Arabian Nights. The extremists will surely leave no stones un-turned to further project Islam as a wronged and persecuted faith in the hands of non-believers, an idea not very far from the hearts of a very large section of ordinary Muslims. And they cannot be blamed wholly for the idea gaining credence in an average Muslim mind in various parts of the world. Can they?

    The authorities must try to win confidence of the ordinary Muslims by meaningfully siding with them. By alienating the extremist elements from the general public with meaningful acts both in intellectual fields as well as by military measures. Encouraging free thinking, safeguarding women rights, by upholding human rights, by encouraging scientific thinking (teaching Quran/Hadith etc. as testimonies of a bygone era is also encouraging scientific thinking) etc. etc.
    In a nutshell, the general peace-loving public must gain the confidence that the state is with them by all measure. And the state has got nothing to do with religions whatsoever. And then, only then, terrorism can be defeated. Not by closing down 27000 mosques in Egypt or opening up 500 mosques in Bangladesh.

    You must inspire all. You have to, for you do not merely belong to the island of the intellectuals . It will be a sad waste.

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