Not now, Muslim men will fuck prostitutes after ramadan.

The Dolly brothel is closed for ramadan in Surabaya, an Indonesian city.


Muslims are asked to follow ramadan rules, no food, no drink, no smoke, no sex during daytime and have as much food, drink, smoke, sex as they want during nighttime.

Surabayan men are asked to be busy in a month-long food festival and fuck no prostitute during ramadan. But they are allowed to fuck prostitutes after the holy month. The Dolly brothel will reopen after ramadan.


  1. Trenton says

    I wish Christopher Hitchens had met you when he was still with us…
    Would have loved to listen to the two of you in a broad ranging discussion. 🙂

  2. Pierce R. Butler says

    No doubt some of the clientele won’t feel able to wait until Eid to go back to their favorite green-light zone.

    Some may not even hold off until the imam can’t tell the threads apart – and somewhere a houri-for-hire will accommodate them.

    Expect earthquakes, tsunamis, and maybe a volcanic eruption – taking out Indonesians at random, as usual. Allah is not great – at aiming.

  3. ilikegirlsinglasses says

    If they can discipline themselves to fast during ramadan, then surely they should be able to discipline themselves from raping women.

  4. abusedbypenguins says

    How much success would pope frankie have convincing cat-lic men to give up sex during lent? The rover on Mars would pick up the laughter.

  5. Holy_Imam says

    It’s not that we can’t discipline ourselves from raping women, it’s that we shouldn’t have to. If it weren’t for our rape nights, how would be we able to get through Ramadan?

    You have to think about these things logically.

  6. abusedbypenguins says

    Dude, you need to get with the times. According to the most wacked-out christians, there is no such thing as rape. It is high-speed seduction. Upgrade your terminology, logically.

  7. Prick says

    Taslima, So you crave that holes should be filled by pricks during ramdan too. Appreciate your concern for pain

  8. CoolTiger says

    I’m a poor man so couldn’t afford to fuck prostitutes this ramadan.

    I desperately wish I was a pimp.

    CoolTiger the ultimate broke ass fantasist wannabe pimp

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