Ten Muslim terrorists attacked karachi airport. Twenty eight people were killed including those terrorists. Terrorists disguised themselves as security guards. What if they disguise as security guards and enter the place where nuclear weapons are? What if they switch on the button of those hundreds of nukes? Terrorists can disguise themselves as nuclear scientists. Or maybe they don’t really need to disguise! Scientists who made nuclear weapons for Pakistan were close friends of the Taliban and al Qaeda. During Taliban regime they visited Afghanistan many times and planned to make nuclear, chemical and biological weapons for al Qaeda. They even met Osama Bin Laden. They said, ‘Pakistan’s nuclear bombs belong to whole Muslim ummah.’ Here is the story.
Bashir Uddin mahmood, the jehadi nuclear scientist is now writing books about the relation between science and the Koran.
Nuclear weapons are dangerous. An accident can occur at any moment. No country should have nukes. We are worried about two countries for having nukes. North Korea is ruled by an autocrat, mad man. Pakistan is ruled by people surrounded by religious fanatics. Don’t know who will blow up our planet first.


  1. throwaway says

    It is a sad, sorry, scary state of affairs, isn’t it. Secularism is important for the safety of humanity.

  2. lorn says

    High praise for small blessings … good thing the NK and Pakistan are not the only nations with them.

    Given that the actual technology behind nuclear weapons is rooted in the physics of the materials and the high tech side is mainly used to increase rates of material separation and the efficient use of the material in the bomb it is pretty much impossible to stop anyone determined to have a nuclear weapon. Even very crude separators, reactors, and bomb designs will work because you are taking advantage of the gross physical properties of the materials themselves. Crude designs work, they just take longer to produce sufficient quantities of plutonium or enriched uranium. The bomb could be as simple as having someone perform the suicide mission of dropping sub-critical mass one onto sub-critical mass two.

    Having a low efficiency is both a bug and feature. You waste hard to obtain material but you pollute the area around the explosion for a very long time. In some ways a near-sub-critical dirty bomb is scarier than a relatively clean bomb. Nagasaki and Hiroshima were habitable a relatively short time after the bombs went off. Had they been dirty bombs there is a good chance they would still be deserted.

    I’m not so sure even the most flaming Muslim extremist can’t be deterred. It isn’t like the location of Mecca and Medina are a secret. Or anyone has forgotten how to produce a cobalt bomb that would convert them into lethally radioactive flats of fused glass for a few thousand years. Figure they can resume the Haj in the year 4000 as long as they go in very heavily shielded vehicle and drive very fast to limit exposure. Do the Haj on a hover-tank and hope it doesn’t break down. Even then you might want to have your kids before doing the Haj.

    Of course, what goes around comes around so a visit to Washington DC, Paris, or London may end up being equally entertaining.

    Which suggests that Hover-Tanks may be an investment opportunity. I figure I can get he same demographic that pulls rickshaws to drive. They seem pretty much expendable. I could pay them in crack … probably would even notice when pieces start falling off.

    It just isn’t possible to be cynical enough for this world.

  3. StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return! says

    Very scary thought.

    Igrew up in the Cold War and often imagined what it would be like if The Bomb was dropped.

    I really, *really* don’t want us to find out in reality.

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