1. says

    Haha, good kitty! No, don’t underestimate cats, many of them already have a problem with overestimating themselves. ; ) Rescue Cat above clearly isn’t one of them, though. (And I might hazard to guess that cat wouldn’t care if it was outclassed in that situation anyway.)

  2. Tsu Dho Nimh says

    Cats are territorial … and female cats more than males. It wasn’t that she was defending the boy against a dog attack, it’s that the dog was in HER territory! So she rousted him and stopped the chase at her boundaries.

    I had a tiny female cat that chased the paperboy and his Great Dane down a 3-story stairwell. It’s amazing the fear that a bristling, shrieking feline with insane psycho killer eyes can produce. That poor child ran backwards down the stairwell because he was afraid to turn his back on her. The dog tucked his tail between hios legs and bolted for the bottom.

  3. Markovitch says

    Some cats are incredibly aggressive in defending their kittens. And like many other mammals, they can form that same bond with babies of other species. My cat stared down a big dog that was charging at my son — and this was in the driveway of the house where the dog lived! They were in the dog’s own territory, but my cat growled and hissed at the dog until he backed away from my son.

  4. Mobius says

    While very much a dog lover, there is a danger of having an aggressive dog around children. Even if the dog is friendly and protective of your children, it can be a danger to friends when childish rough-housing starts.

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