‘Allah says I should sell. He commands me to sell. I will sell women. I sell women’.

“I abducted your girls. I will sell them in the market, by Allah,” a man claiming to be Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau said.
“There is a market for selling humans. Allah says I should sell. He commands me to sell. I will sell women. I sell women, ” he continued.

There is no reason to not believe what this man is saying. Once upon a time when a man said, ‘Allah asked me to fuck my wife’s slave, so I fucked. Or Allah asked me to fuck my son’s wife, so I fucked. Or Allah asked me to fuck the captive women, so I fucked’, everybody believed in him. People still believe in that fucker.

So what is the problem to believe now that the Nigerian man is telling the truth that Allah asks him to sell women? He should get billions of followers. Allah talks to him, he must be a prophet. Who the fuck says there will be no more prophet? Abubakar Shekau must have direct contact with Allah, or who will give him a bunch of anti-women advices but Him?

Long live Abubakar Shekau (peace be upon him)!


  1. says

    These free men want only to be ruled by Allah. These free men enslave women. They believe in a god who frees men and hates women, and wraps them in black cloth.

  2. says

    Not only does this guy have a serious problem with violence and ethics, the more I read of his words, the more he sounds like an evil children’s reading primer. If only stupid were capable of harming the one wielding it more often than others.

  3. raju says

    Male chauvinists in order to satiate their sexual lust and dominate women fall upon this perverted portions of religious texts called sacred in order to subjugate free voice and justify & fulfill their perverted sexual lust as call of the divine while it is nothing but forced prostitution free of charge and at the same time condemn kill prostitutes who r doing it for their livelihood calling it sin.

  4. Lejla says

    This is the reason why he can’t be a prophet:

    The majority of scholars are of the view that a Prophet is one who received Revelation from Allaah but was not commanded to convey it, whereas a Messenger is one who received Revelation and was commanded to convey it.

    But despite this difference of opinion, they are unanimously agreed that a Messenger is superior to a Prophet, and that a Messenger attained the honour of Prophethood and more. Hence they said: Every Messenger is a Prophet, but not every Prophet is a Messenger.

    Thus it is clear that everything which says that the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) is the Seal of the Prophets and that there is no Prophet after him indicates that there is no Messenger after him either, because there cannot be any Messenger who is not also a Prophet.

    Ibn Katheer (may Allaah have mercy on him) said:

    “but he is the Messenger of Allaah and the last (end) of the Prophets” [al-Ahzaab 33:40]. This verse states that there will be no Prophet after him, and if there will be no Prophet after him, then there can be no Messenger after him either, because the status of Messenger is higher than the status of Prophet

  5. ananya says

    it z terrifyng to know how these perverts jstify their crimes by invoking smthng non exsistnt………they use allah as a shield to hide the devil inside dm…..a dangerous trend indeed…… :'(

  6. busterggi says

    If nothing else the sheik’s comments support the fact that Allah is just another name for Yahweh – both have the exact same ideas about women & slavery.

  7. lorn says

    This God being seems to be quite felicitous in demands. He/she/it, based upon numerous testimonies and estimation of likely tendencies seems to send messages which align quite well with existing views, preferences, and tendencies of people he/she/it chooses to talk to. God tends to tell them to hate people they already hate and to do what the listener is already inclined to do. Handy that.

  8. sqlrob says


    it z terrifyng to know how these perverts jstify their crimes by invoking smthng non exsistnt………they use allah as a shield to hide the devil inside dm…..a dangerous trend indeed…… :’(

    Is it a trend when it’s been happening millenia? Is there a point in history where things like that DIDN’T happen?

  9. krishna says

    YES –YES. Time is not too far for Allah to command the non-Muslims to do away with the brute Muslims

  10. Infidel losing says

    There is no humanist progress advancement despite the fact this has been happening in India for many centuries:- enslavement of women by “western barbarians” to quote the chinese term. Mogul harem were and now bollywood is full of such enslaved women. During islamic and current neo-colonial period, procurement of indigent/native girls is the tribal goal of subjugating the locals and trafficking and sex slavery goes on to this day – read book/research by Siddartha Kara of Harvard. Tnx n regards,

  11. DocP says

    Tasleema, for such an educated women your choice of words are appalling. Many of your writings are of ur own personal feelings. ..its so sad that u have an fd up idea of a religion because YOUR experience of it was such. One rotten apple on a tree doesn’t make the whole tree rotten. Islam is a beautiful religion. ..if only you chose to see the beauty. As a Muslim I think its disgusting what Boko haram have done and in no way is it islamic. Islam honours woman and as men we are taught to respect, love and protect them. I don’t know what islam you’ve heard of. Just because these fools have done a terrible act and chose to hide behind religion, does it mean that you actually believe what such demented people claim? Whose not to say that this Abubaker Sheku is not a complete lunatic…I for one think he is…doesn’t make all Muslims lunatics as well.


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