You are against embroidered burqas

Men do not wear burqas, they force women to wear burqas. Not only that, they decide what kinds of burqas women should wear. They hate embroidered burqas.

Muslim women in Aligarh are increasingly using the traditional burqa as a fashion statement, embellishing it with designer touches. Burqas inspired by English gowns or those with Chinese collars, are doing brisk business. So are the modern abayas from Dubai beautified by laces, pipings and pintex design.

These changes may be redefining the garment – observers say some two-piece burqas have the chutzpah of cholis and the flirty feel of frocks – but the makeover, expectedly, hasn’t gone down well with the city’s maulanas. “Women are precious in Islam and the purdah was introduced to protect them. The new style of wearing fitting burqas, and adding studs and stones to them attracts attention and emboldens rapists,” says Mufti Shamun Qasmi, vice president, All India Imaam Council.

All India imam council’s Vice President claims burqas are for women’s protection, but fitting burqas or designer’s burqas attract rapists. It means, not really burqas, but the embroidery works on burqas make men’s penises erected and they can not control their desire to rape the persons hiding under embroidered burqas.

Muftis are allowed to issue fatwas. So the fatwa is, women should not wear nice looking burqas, they should wear plain burqas without embroidery designs.

These fatwabaz men are very busy thinking about women. But obviously their brains don’t think, their penises think. All they can think is how to fuck women. They dream of fucking women. They like embroidery design, so they have to fuck. At home they rape their wives. Their holy books say whenever men want to fuck their wives, wherever they are, whatever they do, they have to run to their husbands, so that husbands can fuck them. It is not sex, it is rape. These fatwabaz men think all men are like them, rape. They can not stop raping if they see women’s face or neck or arms or shoulders or legs, or even embroidered burqas.


Asjad, a mufti from a madarssa adds, “This is a disturbing trend. Women should avoid wearing garments like these if they want to keep themselves safe.”

These misogynist muftis and maulanas want to be designers of burqas. They believe they are big well wishers of women folk. They believe they are able to keep women safe. The truth is, women would never be safe if these ignorant misogynists do not stop controlling women.


Such views are vehemently opposed by many of the city’s women who find nothing wrong in the desire to look good despite being covered from head to toe. “In today’s world, when everyone is trying out new things, what is wrong if burqas, too, are becoming fashionable?” says Zainab, a college going girl, who often wears a trendy umbrella-style abaya on campus.

Dear modern women! If you want to try new things, why don’t you try to remove burqas, instead of making your burqas look beautiful. It is like you want to put colour on your shackles instead of breaking your shackles.

Shopkeepers in the city say that demand of the garments is high, despite what the orthodox voices may say. “Around 60% of my customers come looking for designer burqas,” says Rehaan, a burqa-seller at the city’s Amir Nisha market. “They are also viewed as a status symbol since many of the pieces feature intricate zarkan embroidery. Today, many women are working and they want to assert their empowerment through these designer abayas.”

I don’t think any real empowerment possible through burqas or designer burqas. I don’t find any difference between simple chain and colourful chain. The burqa is a symbol of oppression and slavery. If you don’t abolish oppressive patriarchal system and slavery against women, you are responsible to force half of humanity to be in prisons only because they lack penises in between their legs.


  1. অভিজিৎ (OV) says

    Women are still considered as the property in our patriarchal society. Actually these shit head fanatics speaks openly. But, if you look in our civilized society you would see men interfere into women’s personal thoughts, decisions, choices etc. they are forced to think the way their husband think . If you look at the past, in Hindu families, widows were forced to wear white cloths, their hair cut in short, so that women look ugly. women were forbade to eat garlic , onions, fishes etc. You apply forces on to something or drive something on your own way only when you think something as your property. I don’t find much difference among fanatics from different religion. They are all same & it’s a shame that we still encourage them by being ignorant to their stupid inhuman acts.

  2. says

    You are a courageous person, Ms Nasreen. You speak truth to power. At huge risk to yourself. You are fihting people seemingly above terrestrial Law. Courageous people are rare. They must be treated with friendship and respect. The merits that accrue from contact with such a person are not few.
    It is therefore of great benefit to India that you have chosen to stay here. Wherever people of virtue make their residence, that country benefits. For this I thank you.
    Certainly the Indian government is a craven cowardly one. Certainly, they are just a bunch of Rabble. As the days go, they will only get worse. Such are the times in which we live. I wish I was powerful enough to aid you. Alas I am weak. Perhaps the weight of my sins is too heavy that I find myself in such a predicament so as watch helpless while a person of virtue being tormented. Would it be that somehow I would be able to summon the courage to put forth effort to stop such outrages?

  3. Tsu Dho Nimh says

    Women should avoid wearing garments like these if they want to keep themselves safe.

    Are Muslim men so lacking in impulse control? He’s saying that the sight of a bit of embroidery turns a Muslim man into a rutting beast?

    Maybe the men should start wearing blinders like some race and draft horses do.

  4. exi5tentialist says

    “Men do not wear burqas, they force women to wear burqas” sounds more stereotyping than enlightening.

  5. karmacat says

    So, these women are trying to express their individuality and these men are frightened of this. If women express their individuality, then they become people rather than objects

  6. lorn says

    IMHO it is time to think about going in a completely different direction to protect women.

    Most anyone who has spent time on a nude beach can tell you that while it can be exciting sexually for a short time, typically a few hours at most, the fact that most bodies are not very close to the ideals we have been given, and the mind’s tendency to normalize anything you are exposed combine to make the atmosphere far less sexual than outsiders imagine. Yes, if a woman walks up and actively demonstrates attraction it can turn romantic, but, if anything, the universal nakedness tends to tamp down any excitement.

    It also, IMHO, would go a long way toward the sexes seeing each other realistically as human beings, promoting self control, and fostering the attitude that your feelings are not their problem.

  7. No One says

    I understand this completely. Every time I see all those bearded men with their asses in the air I can’t help but think how it would be to fuck them. I’m not gay, but presenting that many buttocks during prayer is just asking for it. See? Straight and thinking like a gay man, thanks islam… All prayer should be banned immediately. That’s my fat-wah and i’m sticking to it!

  8. UJJAL says

    Muslim men should learn from a shoe.

    Every time I discuss burquas I always feel how stupid the people were who introduced burquas !!! ( Not that they are not stupid to follow the practice )

    Muslim men cover muslim women so that the MEN are not aroused by the sex appeal of women. If at all, the men should wear burquas. They need to cover themselves and their eyes and hide themselves so that they don’t get sexually aroused.
    Shoes are worn to cover and hide the feet. The earth is not covered so that human can walk barefoot they are born with.

    • brucegee1962 says

      Weren’t burquas invented back in the days when powerful men had multiple wives?

      I’m not sure it’s fair to say that men invented burquas — it was the subset of men who already had power over women, but wanted power over other men as well. Specifically, they wanted to demonstrate that they not only controlled access to their wives and daughters through touch, but even through sight. Powerless men (unable to afford to marry) don’t gain anything from this — they are also losers because now they don’t even get to see women now.

      It’s the same principle as the enclosed harem, only cheaper. These women are MINE, and you can’t have them. Furthermore, nyah nyah nyah.

    • UJJAL says

      This is quite inhumane as well. While I understand the sarcasm behind it still we cannot suggest such treatment to babies from whichever communities.

      Actually the problem lies with the adult males. Women of every religion just had to follow being physically weaker sex. Religion has given them the freedom to cage and abuse women. Religion did not impose equal treatment to men also because religion was made by adult men only. The god/s of all the religion are also adult and male. The female hindu goddesses have some male husband god SUPERIOR to them. NO male hindu god is inferior to any hindu goddess.

      There is no child god as well to protect children abuse in religion. Religion permits the male and not the female to abuse a child. Horrible. Horrendous.

  9. Prick says

    “you are responsible to force half of humanity to be in prisons only because they lack penises in between their legs.”

    Taslima you have prick envy

  10. Prick says

    “Dear modern women! If you want to try new things, why don’t you try to remove burqas, instead of making your burqas look beautiful.”

    I would say remove all the clothes. You modern women are beautiful.


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